Online Faculty Fellows Workshop Series

Each semester the Online Faculty Fellows will provide a series of professional development workshops for their peers here at Wichita State University.

Please check back for the Spring Semester 2015 schedule.


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Fall 2014 Online Faculty Fellows Workshop Schedule
Date Time Room Title Description Presenter
Sept 18 11:00 am MRC 171 You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth! How to teach college students about plagiarism. Jerri Carroll
Sept 24 2:30 pm MRC 171 Let's Give Them Something to Talk About! This workshop covers the benefits, planning and management of Blackboard discussion boards. Participants will examine and share tips and strategies for successful implementation of engaging discussion boards. Lisa Belt
Oct 22 2:30 pm MRC 171 Creating Exams and Assignments with Ease This workshop will highlight tips and tools that make it easy to create exams and assignments in an online course. Rodney Boehme
Oct 29 2:30 pm MRC 171 Yes, Quality Matters! The purpose of this workshop is to provide online class developers/instructors helpful tools while developing learning objectives unique to the online learning environment. Appropriate Quality Matters principles will be presented, and discussed with examples provided. Mark Vermillion
Nov 4 1:30 pm MRC 171 Pixel Perfection This session will introduce you to some pro tips that will help you design effectively for the screen. Jeff Pulaski
Nov 5 10:30 am MRC 171 Incorporating a Laboratory Curriculum Into an Online Learning Environment Labs have traditionally been taught in face-to-face classes where the mode of instruction has been well received by students. But incorporating labs into an online learning environment has been a challenge and so this course looks into the different possibilities of an effective online laboratory curriculum. Rajeev Nair
Nov 12 10:00 am MRC 171 Strategies to Establish and Maintain Student Engagement in an Online Class We will discuss the common challenges encountered in student engagement in online courses and, for each challenge, discuss strategies that can be employed to establish and maintain student engagement. David McDonald
November 13    1:00 pm MRC 171 Hey! Where'd You Get That Image? Have you been struggling to find Copyright-Free, Creative Commons, and Public Domain Images and Video For Your Online Classes? This session will cover strategies and suggestions for locating appropriate images and visual material for your classes. In addition, we will discuss copyright law and how this impacts your use of visuals for education. Jennifer Tiernan