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Getting Started as an Online Student

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Step 1: Admission to Wichita State University

Go to WSU Admissions Page for Adult Learners

Go to WSU Undergraduate Admissions for Freshmen

Go to WSU Admissions Page for Graduate Students

Returning WSU Student? Click here to learn how to become reactivated.


Step 2: Connect with an Academic Advisor

Utilize our Academing Advising Team to select a program of study and get enrolled in courses.

Click here to be directed to Academic Advising.

Click here to view current course schedules.

Click here to view WSU Course Catalogs.

Click here for complete WSU Academics Information.

Click here for information about what Credit for Prior Learning you can earn at WSU.


Step 3: Tuition and Fees

Complete your enrollment, meet with Financial Aid, and estimate your tuition costs.

Click here for WSU Online Tuition and Fees.

Click here to be directed to Financial Aid.

Click here to learn about Scholarship Opportunities.


Step 4: Prepare to take your Online Course

If you've never taken an online course before Click here for an introduction to WSU's Online Courses.

Need help accessing your online tools? Click here for a list of helps.

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