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Meet Amber, your champion for student success.

My name is Amber Anderson, I’m from the office of Student Success at Wichita State University. I'm here to help you make your time at Wichita State successful by providing focused support in your online courses while you pursue your online degree.

Throughout the semester, I check in with you and help you find the resources you need to resolve any academic issue that may arise. I help online students access services like tutoring, counseling, advising, library, math or writing centers, and a multitude of other resources we have made available for our online students.

Just because you attend classes from a distance, you are not disconnected from Wichita State or our dedicated student support. Your success is very important to us!

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Amber Ann Anderson, EdD
Online Retention Specialist
Office of Student Success
Email: amber.anderson@wichita.edu
Skype Office Hours: 9-12 Monday Wednesday Friday
Skype: AmberAnnAndersonEdD
Phone: 316-978-3399


Online Student Success Tools:


OneStop Student Services provides support to students 24/7/365 in the areas of admissions, financial aid, student accounts, registration, general advising and Blackboard.

Go to OneStop, http://www.wichita.edu/onestop

Click OneStop logo image to visit the OneStop student services portal.

SmarterMeasure Online Readiness Assessment

SmarterMeasure is an online readiness assessment tool provided to students who are enrolling in online courses. SmarterMeasure will help the student and their advisor understand learning styles, attributes, and life factors that will contibute to student success.  The assessment can also demonstrate how much time and motivation students realistically have when approaching their online courses.

Request a SmarterMeasure Assessment, contact Amber Anderson or your advisor.

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Online Tutoring Resources

The Wichita State University Writing Center is a free writing resource available to all WSU students. Trained tutors provide assistance with any stage of the writing process, including topic development, organization of essays, grammatical and punctuation errors, APA and MLA formatting, and other specific writing problems.

Follow the directions to enroll in the Online Writing Center. Once enrolled, you can submit a draft of your writing project to be reviewed by a tutor. Access the writing center here.

The Office of Student Success offers FREE tutoring for currently enrolled WSU undergraduate students. Learn more about the tutoring program here.

Request a tutor by completing the form here.

Online Student Orientation

Students enrolled in a fully online program at Wichita State are required to complete online student orientation. The orientation course is offered fully online and provides students with understanding of how to use and navigate Blackboard and how to prepare for and participate in online courses. Online student orientation also covers computer adequacy for online learning, student learning styles and computer skills, and where to find resources for help.

Tips for Online Students:

Are Online Classes Right For You?

Contact your Online Program Academic Advisor

Is WSU Approved to Offer Online Programs Your State?

Credit for Prior Learning

Introduction to Learning Online

Enrolled Students

Need help finding your online courses?

Download PDF instructions.

Library Resources

ProctorU Exam Portal

Complaint Procedure

Getting Started as an Online Student

Prepare to take your Online Course

If you've never taken an online course before Click here for an introduction to WSU's Online Courses.

Need help accessing your online tools? Click here for a list of helps.

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