2014 Parking Plan

Beginning Aug. 11, Wichita State University’s main campus will become a permit-only parking environment. WSU students, faculty and staff must purchase and display a color-coded parking permit to legally park on the main campus. Visitors to campus will park in reserved visitor spaces.

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The goal of the move to a permit environment is to ensure that more parking is available for commuter students on the main campus. 

Permits will be required from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday. With the exception of reserved red- and yellow-permit parking lots, permits are not required to park on campus after 6 p.m. or on weekends and days when classes are not in session. Vehicles parked on campus during enforcement hours without a proper permit will be ticketed by the Wichita State University Police Department.

Students, faculty and staff who decline to pay for parking permits may choose to ride the free WSU Shuttle System buses from satellite lots at the Hughes Metropolitan Complex at 29th Street or from a new WSU-leased parking lot at 21st Street and Oliver.

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Permit types

There are six permit types for WSU faculty, staff and students at Wichita State.

  • Green Permit (WSU student commuter): WSU students not living in student housing may park in any green lot or in green/yellow shared lots.
  • Orange Permit (Shocker Hall residents): WSU students living in Shocker Hall must park in their assigned orange lot at the Hughes Metropolitan Complex at 29th and Oliver. Orange permit holders are not allowed to park in any parking lots on the main campus or in the brown permit lot at Fairmount Towers during times when permits are being enforced.
  • Brown Permit (Fairmount Towers residents): WSU students living in Fairmount Towers must park in their assigned brown lot adjacent to Fairmount Towers. Brown-permitted vehicles are not allowed to park in any parking lots on the main campus during times when permits are being enforced. 
  • Yellow Permit (WSU faculty and staff): Faculty and staff at WSU may park in yellow lots or in green/yellow shared lots. Yellow-permitted vehicles may not park in green permit lots. Doing so will result in a ticket from the WSU Police Department. 
  • Red Permit (Reserved parking): Red-permitted vehicles are assigned a reserved space for the entire year. Red permit lots are reserved at all times, including weekends. 
  • Purple Permit (Motorcycle parking): Students, faculty or staff who drive motorcycles may purchase purple permits to allow parking in the designated cycle zones in lots across campus.

Purchasing parking permits

Commuter Students

Students who wish to park on campus must purchase a hangtag/decal permit. The costs for permits are $120 per year for cars, trucks and SUVs ($60 if purchased for Spring semester only) and $60 per year for motorcycles ($30 if purchased for Spring semester only).

  • Pay online (debit card, credit card or web check only) at www.wichita.edu/parkingpermit.  Students purchasing online will pick up their permits at the WSU OneStop at Jabara Hall, Room 122.
  • Pay in person (cash or check only), at Jardine Hall, Room 201, and get your permit in one trip. A permit will be issued to the student upon completion of the transaction.

Students who purchase a permit for their primary car, truck or SUV will be able to move the hangtag between vehicles without purchasing additional permits. Motorcycle decals must be purchased separately.

To accommodate graduating students and those not returning to WSU in the spring, students driving  cars, trucks or SUVs may opt to return the hangtag at the end of the fall semester to receive a $60 refund, equivalent to half the cost of the one-year permit. To receive the refund, bring the hangtag to Jardine Hall, Room 201, at the end of the semester. A $60 credit will be placed on the student’s account and then refunded either to the student’s bank account as specified in the Student Account Suite or via a check mailed to the student’s home address.

Commuter student permit fees

Vehicle type Cost per year
(Fall 2014 / Spring 2015)
Fall 2014 only* Spring 2015 only
Cars / trucks / SUVs $120 $60* $60
Motorcycles $60 Not applicable $30
* After $60 refund at the end of the fall semester. See paragraph preceeding the table for details.

Students must provide name, myWSU ID, mailing address, tag number and state of registration in order to get the permit. Each request will be checked to ensure that the student is enrolled. Information will also be cross-checked with student housing to ensure that the proper permit is issued.

Housing students

Students living in Fairmount Towers or Shocker Hall will be issued one hangtag at no cost. Housing students will be informed of the process for registering their primary vehicle during the housing check-in process.

 Faculty and staff 

Faculty and staff who currently have a yellow permit will automatically receive a permit for the 2015 fiscal year in campus mail at the end of July. Faculty and staff who currently do not have a yellow permit and would like to purchase one for FY15 can download the Faculty Staff Parking Decal Payment Form from the Financial Operations website at http://www.wichita.edu/j/?3001 and bring it to 201 Jardine Hall after July 18.

Safety at satellite parking lots

Student safety is of utmost importance at Wichita State. For this reason, the satellite lots at the Metropolitan Complex and, potentially, at 21st and Oliver will be regularly patrolled by WSU Police Department personnel from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Shocker Hall lot at the Metropolitan Complex will also be attended by a Safety and Security Officer from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. to protect both students and their vehicles.

To help students whose classes begin early or end late, an on-demand shuttle service will run between Metropolitan Complex lots at 29th and Oliver and Shocker Hall on the WSU main campus from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. seven days a week. The shuttle will be free of charge.

Handicapped parking

There is no WSU-issued permit for handicapped parking. Vehicles displaying a valid state-issued handicapped indicator may park in the designated handicapped spaces in lots across campus. This includes handicapped spaces within the Red Permit parking lot between Morrison and Jabara Halls (Lot 8).

VIP visitors and lot reservations

WSU faculty and staff may request single-day permits for a limited number of VIP visitors (guest speakers, advisory council members, etc.). These permits will allow guests to park in yellow, green or yellow/green permit lots. Contact the WSU Police Department for more information.

Lot reservations for special events will only be permitted in lots on the periphery of campus (yellow/green striped lots on the parking map). Permission must be arranged through the WSU Police Department.

Media parking

Members of the media needing to park at Wichita State for interviews should contact Joe Kleinsasser, director of news and media relations at 978-3013 or joe.kleinsasser@wichita.edu.