Disability (ADA) Parking

Designated handicap parking spaces are for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying handicap placard or license plate and a valid WSU parking ePermit.

Disabled parking spaces are located throughout the WSU campus; however, in the unlikely event that the vehicle operator is unable to find an available disabled parking space, individuals may park in any parking space in any lot (except restricted or reserved stalls).

If you have a state disabled parking placard or plate, you are now required to register a vehicle(s) and purchase an ePermit. You will be asked to upload your Disabled Identification Card at the time of purchasing the ePermit to eliminate your risk of receiving a citation. Having this ready before you order your ePermit will help accelerate the ordering process.

Please note that if you are a disabled veteran, you can complete the Disabled Veteran Parking ePermit Request form and submit with proper documentation so you will not be required to pay to park.
If you currently have an active ePermit and need to submit your Disabled Identification Card, include the following information in an email to wsuparking@wichita.edu.

  • Name
  • myWSU ID (if applicable)
  • Phone Number
  • License Plate Number