About the Profession

Students who obtain a degree in Health Science or Health Services Management and Community Development prepare themselves for a broad range of positions in a wide choice of settings.

  • Non-Profit Health Related Organization.  Graduates who have a passion for health, yet don’t want to work in a clinical setting may fit in well with a non-profit health organization.  Non-profits strive to offer competitive salaries as long as budgets allow and look for highly motivated, self- starters who have a wide variety of skills and talents.  Tasks may include; grant writing, program planning, fund raising, and health education.
  • Health Care Management. Graduates of our program will be ready for entry level health care management jobs.   Graduates may find jobs as managers of small clinics or labs or in a hospital setting.  Tasks include; personnel matters, billing, budgeting, planning, equipment outlays, and patient flow.
  • Clinical Setting.  Health Sciences graduates are prepared for a clinical health related field.  Graduates from this program typically go on to graduate programs in other clinical fields: Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and others.

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