Bachelor of Science Health Services Management and Community Development (HSMCD)

Program Director

Sarah Taylor
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The Bachelor of Science Health Services Management and Community Development (HSMCD) program at Wichita State University prepares graduates for two overlapping career fields. Graduates who concentrate their coursework in health services management are prepared for entry level positions in management, planning, and assessment of health services delivery across the spectrum of institutional health care, such as acute care medicine and long term care.  Graduates who concentrate their coursework in community development are prepared for entry level positions in planning, assessment and evaluation of public and community health initiatives.

This program is appropriate for individuals interested in health services management. This program will provide students with the analytic, administrative, and leadership skills necessary for entry level managerial positions.

These positions may include: 

  • Acute care medicine (medical group practices, health insurance corporations, medical product companies, hospital and ambulatory care clinics, and EMS systems management),
  • Long term care (nursing homes, home health care agencies, continuing care facilities, and hospice)
  • Public and community health (state health agencies, local health departments, and community-based health and wellness agencies).

Students will gain first hand experience with community initiatives while also becoming oriented to competencies in designing and implementing culturally informed health care services, planning and assessing health programs, developing strategies for health promotion, and building advocacy relationships with those who make health policy.

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in health services management are encouraged to consider and pursue a minor in Business Administration as an appropriate complement to their career choice. Students who are interested in community development work are strongly encouraged to consult with their faculty adviser when selecting an appropriate minor.

Key Program Features

  • Acquire leadership skills. Students build personal and professional leadership, analytic and administrative skills that will allow them to serve in a leadership capacity necessary for entry-level managerial positions in the healthcare sector.
  • Gain hands-on experience. Throughout this program, students will gain firsthand experience through local community initiatives while completing their practicum in a local healthcare organization.
  • Establish a network in professional field. Students completing this degree will have the opportunity to establish relationships within a spectrum of local health care services such as acute care medicine, public and community health, and long term care.
  • American College of Health Care Executives (ACHE) – The HSMCD program is a member of the ACHE Higher Education Network.

Program Facts

Program Entry Point

Fall and Spring

Program Length

Varies on entry point

Study Plan Options

Full-time, Part-time, Evenings, and some courses online

Application Deadline

Students should apply within 15 credit hours of HMCD coursework.
For more information please contact undergraduate program director.

Class Size

Not capped

Application Ratio


Minimum GPA to apply


Applicant Acceptance limit per/year

30-35 students

Admission fees

A one-time acceptance fee of $50 will be assessed once you have been admitted to the program; the fee will be collected by the Registrar's Office and be paid with the next semester's tuition.

Note: Students who have not completed their HSMCD prerequisites may apply to the program.

Practicum Site Information/ Meeting Schedule

Students must attend one of the Practicum Information meetings and secure your practicum site PRIOR to enrolling in the practicum.

  • Meetings are held in February for Summer & Fall practicum information. Site Deadline: April 1st
  • Meetings are held in September for Spring practicum information. Site Deadline: November 1st