Public Health Science Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Health Science The HS degree is designed for students who intend to go onto a clinical program after receiving their bachelor’s degree.  The program introduces students to health care by providing pre-requisites for a multitude of clinical programs Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science go on to become a nurse, physician assistant, physical therapist or medical doctor.
Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management in Community Development (HSMCD) The HSMCD degree is perfect for individuals who are self-motivated, flexible, dependable, and optimistic who are looking to make a difference in people’s lives.  Graduates will find jobs where they plan, direct and coordinate medical, community and health services managers and developers are needed at all levels of healthcare beginning in medical practices and community organizations all the way up to the executive of a hospital or foundation.  The career fields are growing at a rate of 17%, much higher than other professions, and opportunities for higher education are widely available.
Administrator-in-Training (AIT) AIT is a practicum placement available to individuals with a bachelor's degree, who have completed course work in gerontology or long-term care, management concepts and finance or accounting. This placement is designed to help prepare students to become licensed nursing home administrators.


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