Energy Conservation Measures

In an effort to make the campus more energy efficient most buildings  have undergone an extensive temperature control upgrade. If the thermostat in your area was changed to a new dial operated electronic thermostat the following information will explain how the new system works.

To increase the temperature turn the dial toward the plus ( + ) sign. To lower the temperature turn the dial toward the negative ( - ) sign. This will offset the setpoint by +/- 1 degree.

JPEG Image The new system works within the following temperature ranges with the dial set to the center of the range.

76 Cooling
75 Cooling
72 The system is idle between 70 and 75
70 Heating
69 Heating
70F and below=Heating
75F and above=Cooling

Depending on the type of system in your building there maybe times when there is no air coming from your vents. This is normal because the temperature in your area is above 70 degress but below 75. Therfore, the room does not need any heating or cooling.

These temperature settings are based on industry standards and best practices that produce the best building comfort while maximizing energy savings. These settings have been adopted across campus as the standard and cannot be changed without special permission.