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School Certification

High schools planning to offer four or more PLTW courses are eligible for certification and may begin the process in the second year of program implementation. Schools or sites electing to offer the minimum of three courses are not eligible for certification at this time, but are still subject to quality and/or technical assistance visits required by PLTW state leadership teams.

PLTW school certification requires schools to demonstrate that they meet PLTW’s quality standards in the professional development of teachers and counselors, and the implementation of curriculum using required equipment and software. Students who complete Introduction to Engineering Design or Principles of Engineering at a PLTW certified school are eligible to apply for college credit at Wichita State University.

PLTW provides detailed information about the certification process including: a self-assessment document to help schools determine if they have met the criteria for certification; a sample site visit schedule; and example questions that may be asked during the certification visit: PLTW Engineering Certification Process.

Certification visits typically take place in spring (February - April) and should be scheduled as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days before the anticipated visit. The certification team, which includes representatives from the affiliate university (Wichita State University), Kansas Department of Education, PLTW will typically spend one half day at each school to be certified. There is a fee required for certification.

If you would like additional information, or want to schedule a certification visit, please contact Larry Whitman or Karen Reynolds, College of Engineering, Wichita State University.