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Project Lead The Way Kansas

Counselor-Administrator Conference
Tuesday, November 19, 2013

9:00 am - 3:00 pm


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This year's PLTW Conference was bigger and better than ever -- with more options for Counselors, Administrators, and Teachers to learn more about Project Lead The Way. 

The 2013 Counselor-Administrator Conference was held in Wichita, Kansas on Tuesday, November 19, at the WSU Hughes Metropolitan Complex, 29th and Oliver.  More than 100 students, teachers, counselors, and administrators attended.

The annual Conference is open to counselors, administrators, teachers, students, and members of industry who are interested in knowing more about PLTW.  Each PLTW school is required to send at least one advisor/counselor to an annual  Conference.  It is also recommended for any district or school that is considering implementation of a PLTW Program.

The Agenda included an overview of PLTW, and breakout sessions about PLTW in high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools (NEW in 2014!); certification; funding; and how PLTW fits into Kansas Career Pathways. There were student projects on display and a chance to visit with PLTW students about their learning.

Download an Agenda

PLTW Presentations

Overview of PLTW - Dr. Lawrence Whitman, WSU

Tools for Counselor - Robin Schott, PLTW

PLTW in the High School - Carey Lybarger and Chris Wyant

PLTW In Elementary Schools (Launch) - David Hosick, PLTW

PLTW in the Middle School - Sherri Molde and Lucas Rodriguez

PLTW Certification - Dr. Lawrence Whitman, WSU


For information about PLTW, contact:
Karen Reynolds
PLTW Kansas Assistant Affiliate Director
College of Engineering
Wichita State University
316 978-6475

Dr. Lawrence Whitman
PLTW Kansas Affiliate Director
College of Engineering
Wichita State University
316 978-5907