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WSU's College of Engineering offers undergraduate credit for three PLTW high school courses. The College of Engineering recognizes that:

  • PLTW provides a rigorous pre-engineering curriculum with much of the knowledge and skills learned in PLTW classes providing value to students entering college engineering programs,
  • PLTW partners with institutions of higher learning and the private sector to increase the quantity and quality of graduating engineers and engineering technologists,
  • PLTW utilizes a hands-on, active learning, project-based approach to learning that prepares students that may be retained to graduation,
  • PLTW incorporates math, science, English, and technology skills needed for success in college and prepares students for life-long learning,
  • PLTW provides information and practice that aids students in determining if engineering is the right career choice.

Therefore, Wichita State accepts credit for courses taught by PLTW Adjunct Faculty in high schools for the following PLTW courses:

  PLTW Course Title   WSU Course   WSU Course Title
  Digital Electronics   CS 194   Introduction to Digital Design
  Introduction to Engineering Design   IME 222   Engineering Graphics
  Engineering Design and Development   ENGR 101   An Introduction to Engineering

*If you want more information on how to become a PLTW Adjunct Faculty to offer college credit at your site, please see the College Credit FAQ page or contact Chris Wyant.