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Wichita State University College Credit
for students completing PLTW courses in High School

High school students completing Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) and Principles of Engineering (POE), can apply for college credit at Wichita State University. Students must complete both PLTW classes in high school to receive credit for ENGR 101, Introduction to Engineering, 3 credit hours. (Revised August 1, 2015)

PLTW Course Titles WSU Course WSU Course Title Credit
Introduction to Enginineering Design (IED)
Principles of Engineering (POE)
ENGR 101 Introduction to Engineering 3

To apply for college credit, the following conditions must be met:

  • The high school must be a certified PLTW school
  • The student must earn at least 85% in both PLTW courses
  • The student must score 6 or above on the End-Of-Course exams that are administered by the national PLTW organization
  • The student must pay a $200 fee (3 hours of credit)

Wichita State University's academic departments evaluate the acceptability of these credits in the same manner they evaluate and confer transfer credits. Applying for and receiving Wichita State University credits for PLTW courses does not guarantee that those credits will be accepted in individual academic programs. Most WSU Engineering departments accept ENGR 101 toward a degree.

The student's WSU transcript will show the WSU-equivalent course name and number. The credits will not appear on the transcript until the student completes at least one additional course at WSU. 

Complete this application form and return it with your check for $200 made out to PLTW Wichita State University.

Guidelines are subject to change.