Wichita State University Credit for PLTW High School Courses
Frequently Asked Questions

Revised August 2015

How does a student qualify to earn WSU college credit for high school PLTW courses?

  • Complete both Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) andPrinciples of Engineering (POE) at a PLTW certified school
  • Earn 85% or better in both IED and POE
  • Score 6 or higher on the PLTW End-Of-Course exams for both classes
  • Be admitted as a High School Guest to Wichita State University
  • Complete and submit the Application for WSU Credit for High School PLTW courses
  • Pay $200 for 3 hours of college credit

How does a student get admitted as a high school guest to Wichita State?

  • Students must complete a High School Guest Admission Application and pay a one-time fee of $30, payable to WSU Admissions.  IMPORTANT: When students complete the application, they should write "PLTW" under their name when they sign the form.

How much does the credit cost?

  • The cost for 3 hours of credit is $200.  A check needs to be submitted with the student's application.

How will the credit appear on a student’s WSU transcript?

  • A student will earn 3 hours of credit for ENGR 101, Introduction to Engineering. The 3 hours of credit will be ungraded, and will not affect the student’s GPA.

Will the credit earned for ENGR 101 transfer to other universities?

  • The credit appears on the student’s transcript exactly the way it would appear if the class was taken at WSU and the same transfer rules apply.

Does a student need to take additional classes at WSU to earn the college credit?

  • In order for the ENGR 101 course to show on a transcript, a student will need to take at least one additional course at Wichita State. 

How long after completing IED and POE can a student apply for WSU credit?

  • Students can apply for WSU credit up to two years after completing the PLTW courses. (Example: if IED was completed in 2014 and POE was completed in 2015, deadline for application meeting all requirements is May 31, 2017.)

If a student has graduated from high school, how long can he/she wait to apply for WSU college credit?

  • Applications for WSU college credit must be submitted by August 1 of the year in which the student graduates from high school.

Can I apply for credit after I enroll for classes at WSU?

  • Applications will not be accepted after the student is enrolled as a full-time student at WSU.

Are there other universities that offer credit for students completing PLTW courses?

  • Yes, there are other universities that award credit to students completing PLTW courses.   Requirements and ability to transfer credit vary by institution.