Wichita State University Credit for PLTW High School Courses
Frequently Asked Questions

The College of Engineering is currently reviewing its PLTW college credit program. All information below was effective for the 2017-2018 school year, and is subject to change for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond. More information will be posted here as decisions are made regarding the structure of our college credit offerings. (Updated 6/1/2018)

Revised March 2017

How does a student qualify to earn WSU college credit for high school PLTW courses?

  • Teacher must be a registered adjunct faculty member with Wichita State University.
  • Student must complete the course satisfactorily within the allotted school year.
  • Take the End of Course Content Exam for the appropriate PLTW course, or in case of EDD, submit their final portfolio with graded rubric.
  • Be admitted as a High School Guest to Wichita State University
  • Pay $50 per credit hour of college credit. IED and EDD are three credit hours each; DE is four credit hours.

How does a student get admitted as a high school guest to Wichita State?

  • Students must complete a High School Guest Application and pay a one-time fee of $40, payable to WSU Admissions. IMPORTANT: When students complete the application, they should write "PLTW" under their name when they sign the form.

How much does the credit cost?

  • $50 per credit hour. For example, IED is three credit hours so the total to the student would be $150. 

How will the credit appear on a student’s WSU transcript?

  • A student will earn the appropriate credit hours in the designated course. The credit hours will be graded and can impact the student's GPA.

Will the credit earned transfer to other universities?

  • The credit appears on the student’s transcript exactly the way it would appear if the class was taken at WSU and the same transfer rules apply.

Does a student need to take additional classes at WSU to earn the college credit?

  • No, the course will show on the student's transcript. 

How long after completing the course can a student apply for WSU credit?

  • Students must apply for college credit at the beginning of the course. College credit will not be applied retroactively.

Are there other universities that offer credit for students completing PLTW courses?

  • Yes, there are other universities that award credit to students completing PLTW courses.   Requirements and ability to transfer credit vary by institution.

How does a teacher apply to become an adjunct faculty member to offer college credit?

  • The teacher must submit their CV or resume to Christopher.Wyant@wichita.edu and put in the subject line, "Application for Adjunct faculty in PLTW".  At a minimum, the teacher must have a bachelor's degree and certification of completion of training in the PLTW course in which they are applying.  The teacher needs to include any and all skills, knowledge, training, and experience which help demonstrate their ability to successfully teach this course for college credit.

What are the job requirements if hired as a PLTW Adjunct Faculty?

  • The adjunct faculty will develop course specific Syllabus which meets all WSU syllabus requirements for course. (A draft version of WSU syllabus will be provided)
  • Provide PLTW certification of training in course being offered for college credit.
  • Provide information at the beginning and end of each academic year concerning enrollment and retention.
  • Help coordinate communication between WSU and students concerning college advisement.
  • Update course grades in Blackboard on at least a bi-weekly basis.
  • Provide End of Course Content Exam scores for student enrolled in WSU.
  • Complete all Ongoing Training assigned in LMS for PLTW Course.
  • Attend conference session concerning class offered for college credit.
  • Provide summary statement of PLTW program at site to WSU.
  • Create content in course offered to be shared with adjunct faculty.