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Event Request Form

The intent of this form is to collect initial information on the requested event. 
Submission of this form DOES NOT mean the event is approved: a risk assessment will have to made with the University Police Department

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Location of event: Reservation of an outdoor space must be made through University Event Services.
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Will sound amplification devices be used? (For example, microphones, loud speakers, etc.)  
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Will money be collected or exchanged? For example, through donations, ticket sales, vendor wares.
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Are you requesting dedicated officers for your event?  YesNo

If so, how many officers are you requesting? 

Will you request Temporary Adequate Security Measures to prevent the carry of concealed weapons as per WSU Policy and Procedure* Please note that this request must be preapproved by the Kansas Board of Regents, and may take six to eight (6-8) weeks.*  
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