Traffic Appeals

Appeals for moving violations may be made to the University Traffic Appeals Committee.  Appeal forms are available at the University Police Department, Financial Operations and Business Technology, Room 201 Jardine Hall, and at the Student Advocate’s office, Room 219, Rhatigan Student Center. 

Appeals must be submitted within 20 calendar days from the date of citation.

The Traffic Appeal Form may be downloaded here

For help in preparing your appeal, contact the Office of the Student Advocate, 978-3026.

Fines for moving violations are made in accordance with KSA 8-2118

Fine Schedule for violations written on University Tickets: 

Violation Statute Fine
Drive Wrong Way on One-Way Street 8-1521 $75.00
Run Stop Sign 8-1523 $75.00
Failure to Yield Right-of-Way to Pedestrian 8-1535 $45.00
Improper U-Turn 8-1546 $75.00
Improper Turn 8-1548 $75.00
Failure to Signal Turn 8-1549 $45.00
Driving on Sidewalk 8-1575 $45.00
Driving without Headlights 8-1703 $45.00
Obstructed Windshield 8-1741 $45.00

Information on violations issued on WSU Police Department tickets issued through the 18th Judicial District Court may be found on the Sedgwick County web site