FY 2014 Accountability Planning Matrix

Wichita State University

Goal Statements




Honor Excellence


To continue the development of an appropriate faculty incentive review system intended to offer senior level faculty a positive environment to sustain excellence.



To provide for the recognition of yearly performance through the allocation of the yearly merit increase process intended to reward excellence in teaching, advising, research, scholarship, creative performance, and other academic service to our community.

To recognize, honor, and promote awareness of faculty excellence to internal and external audiences.



Intellectual Exploration


To encourage basic and applied research, and creative performance that lead to the advancement of knowledge.



To generate the equivalent or more in extramural funding from all sources (private, state, local, and federal) than the previous fiscal year.



$35 million were generated from all sources in the previous fiscal year FY 2004.


Enhance Learning


To provide faculty opportunities for continuing professional development.



To ensure that the needed infrastructure and staff are available to offer our faculty the environment for engaging in teaching and scholarly activities at a high level.



To provide a safe, accessible, and attractive campus environment that is supportive of faculty excellence.




To emphasize the importance of retaining staff from diverse backgrounds.



To emphasize the development of a system honoring excellence and encouraging the retention of quality faculty who contribute to the teaching, research, and creative performance priorities of the university.


To promote a positive image of the university and its activities through marketing efforts supporting the retention of our faculty.




To identify and recruit faculty to enhance the current academic and scholarship needs to meet the budgetary and community outreach
objectives of the university.



To monitor and approve the hiring procedures for all faculty positions with an emphasis on diverse populations.


To promote a positive image of the university and its activities through marketing efforts supporting the recruitment of quality faculty.