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The Wichita State University's Psychology Department team is comprised of 16 faculty members, two office staff professionals, and 68 active graduate students. The Psychology Department obtained 13 new grants in 2010 totaling $1,896,193, had 24 scientific research publications and made a total of 51 scientific research presentations.

One highlight of departmental life is the annual Research Roundup where students present their research.  At this year’s Roundup, on April 20th, more than 40 students submitted posters and discussed each other’s work.  One student from each program was also selected to give a 15-minute presentation on their work. Kyrah Brown, a first-year Community student, presented her work on “Examining the role of college sense of community in mental health and educational aspirations/expectations among students of color on a predominately White campus”. Nichole Morris, a Human Factors student, presented her dissertation entitled “Effects of simulated cataracts and luminance on speech intelligibility”. And, Desire Moreno, a Community-Clinical student, presented her dissertation on “Bullying and victimization among out-of-home and LGBT youth”. This successful Research Roundup was also attended by several Human Factors alumni: Drs. Julie Gilpin, Brian Laughlin and Jean Burdsal.

The Psychology Department offers both undergraduate and graduate education in Psychology. The undergraduate psychology program is designed to provide a solid research orientation in experimental and quasi-experimental design and analysis with balanced attention to basic psychological processes (learning, cognition, perception, motivation, emotion, consciousness, physiology, etc.); social/cultural dimensions (social, developmental, personality, developmental, etc.); and applied issues and perspectives (clinical, community, substance abuse, testing & measurement, etc.) The graduate program offers doctoral degrees in Psychology with a focus in Community, Clinical, or Human Factors Psychology.

To learn more about our department, please see our faculty and students. A good way to keep in touch and find out the latest news is to read our newsletter.

Name Position Email Telephone
Rhonda K. Lewis, Ph.D. Department Chair rhonda.lewis@wichita.edu (316) 978-3170
Robert Zettle, Ph.D. Graduate Coordinator robert.zettle@wichita.edu (316) 978-3081
Steven Huprich, Ph.D. Director of Clinical Training steven.huprich@wichita.edu (316) 978.3393
Greg Meissen, Ph.D. Community Program Coordinator greg.meissen@wichita.edu (316) 978-3039
Barbara Chaparro, Ph.D. Human Factors Program Coordinator barbara.chaparro@wichita.edu (316) 978-3683


Psychology Department Office
4th floor, Room 437: Jabara Hall
Open 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday
Phone: (316) 978-3170
Fax: (316) 978-3086