David Libby Wins 2012 Randall Chambers Award


JPEG ImageCongratulations to David Libby for winning the 2012 Randall Chambers Award! He was the recipient of a $1000 award for his research titled "Evaluation of Driver Distraction: Text messaging versus talking on a cell phone". David was one of four finalists, including Jo Jardina, Andrew Miranda, and Joel Persinger.

The award was established in honor of Dr. Randall Chambers by his widow Mary Jane Chambers. Dr. Chambers was a prominent scientist in the area of aviation psychology and human factors and a Professor Emeritus at WSU. Applications were judged based on: (a) Scientific Merit (Experimental Approach, Design, and Analysis), (b) Significance (for Human Factors and Real-World Relevance), (c) Originality (including Creativity, Ingenuity, and Independent Thinking), and (d) Presentation.