Community Psychology Ph.D. Program Curriculum


Summary of Course Requirements:

All community students are required to complete the following core curriculum.

Foundations in Psychology (12 Hours):


   907 Social/Developmental Foundations of Behavior (3)  
  945 Seminar in Diversity (3)  

Two of the following three:

   904 Biological/Philosophical Foundations of Psychology (3)  
  905 Cognitive/Learning Foundations of Behavior (3)  
  906 Personality and Individual Differences (3)  

Research Methods (8 Hours):

   902 Advanced Research Methods I (4)                                    
  903 Advanced Research Methods II (4)  

Teaching of Psychology (3 hours):

   911 Teaching of Psychology: Principles, Practices & Ethics (3)  

Research (30 Hours Minimum):

   901 Predoctoral Research (minimum of 10)                              
  908 Dissertation  

Required Community Core Courses:

   940 Seminar in Community-Clinical Psychology (3)  
  941 Applied Research Methods in Community Settings (3)  
  942 Seminar in Community/Organizational Intervention (3)  
  943 Seminar in Prevention (3)  
  944 Practicum in Community Psychology (9)  
  948 Seminar in Community Leadership (3)  
  949 Seminar in Advocacy & Social Policy (3)  

Community Elective Courses

In addition to the core community courses, students must takeadditional electives so that they complete at least 90 graduate hours. Each student will select elective courses with the consent of the student's Faculty Advisor. The intent is for the student to develop expertise in one or more areas.

Total minimum credit hours for Community Program is 90. See the Graduate Handbook for more information.