Community Research, Assessment, and Methodology Group



The Community Research, Assessment, and Methodology Group was initiated in the Fall of 1994 under the direction of Dr. Charles Burdsal who has over 40 years of experience regarding teaching evaluation issues, advances in multivariate design, and program evaluation.  Currently, with seven graduate student members, research consists of a diverse set of eclectic interests.  Each researcher has a unique educational background including Master’s degrees in Biology, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, and Sociology as well as undergraduate degrees in psychology.  Several researchers pursued their advanced degrees directly after earning their undergraduate degree while others made major career changes and bring corporate and academic experiences to the group. 


Current Projects

Current projects include research on:
Adolescent healthy relationships
Possible selves
Teaching evaluation issues
Public Health
General survey research
Undergraduate needs assessment
Aging Adults health & well-being
Health issues of middle-aged women



Dr. Charles Burdsal
429 Lindquist Hall


Graduate Students

Laura Herpolsheimer
410 Jabara Hall

Lisette Jacobson
410 Jabara Hall

Hannah Krieg
409 Jabara Hall

Christopher Voegeli
410 Jabara Hall

Katherine Witsman
410 Jabara Hall



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Wichita State University Lab, 2012. Lisette Jacobson, Hannah Krieg, Elle Park, Ursula Goff, Katherine Witsman, Christopher Voegeli, Dr. Charles Burdsal, Carrie Roberts, and Laura Herpolsheimer.


Recent Community Psychology Graduates:

Dr. Rochelle Rowley, Emporia State University
Dr. Emily Grant: University of Wyoming
Dr. Jamie DeLeeuw: Monroe County Community College
Dr. Amie McKibban: University of Southern Indiana
Dr. Susannah Brown: Wichita State University
Dr. Jodie Beeson: Wichita State University