Faculty & Staff

Full-Time Faculty

  Name Position Program Email
JPEG Image Paul D. Ackerman Asst. Professor Human Factors paul.ackerman@wichita.edu
JPEG Image Charles A. Burdsal, Jr. Professor Community & Clinical charles.burdsal@wichita.edu
JPEG Image C. Brendan Clark Asst. Professor Clinical c.brendan.clark@wichita.edu
JPEG Image

Jibo He

Assoc. Professor Human Factors jibo.he@wichita.edu
JPEG Image

Rhonda K. Lewis

Department Chair Community & Clinical rhonda.lewis@wichita.edu
JPEG Image Christina Marvin Clinic Director Clinical christina.marvin@wichita.edu
JPEG Image

Louis J. Medvene 

Professor Community & Clinical louis.medvene@wichita.edu
JPEG Image

Greg Meissen

Program Coordinator Community & Clinical greg.meissen@wichita.edu
JPEG Image

Rui Ni 

Program Coordinator Human Factors rui.ni@wichita.edu
JPEG Image Joel Suss Asst. Professor Human Factors joel.suss@wichita.edu
JPEG Image Maryam Zahabi Asst. Professor Human Factors maryam.zahabi@wichita.edu
JPEG Image

Robert Zettle 

Director of Clinical Training Clinical robert.zettle@wichita.edu


Office Contacts



JPEG Image Rhonda Lewis rhonda.lewis@wichita.edu
Bitmap Image   Judy Hill judith.barnes@wichita.edu
Bitmap Image   Marci Nelson marsyl.nelson@wichita.edu


Adjunct Faculty

Name Position Program
Lyle Baade Adjunct Clinical
Stephen L. Bensen Adjunct Clinical
Columbus Bryant IV Adjunct Clinical
Gregory J. Buell Adjunct Clinical
Jeanne Burdsal Assistant Human Factors
Joseph E. Claeys Adjunct Clinical
Ann Cramer Adjunct Clinical
Maureen Dasey-Morales Adjunct Clinical
Jason Deselms Adjunct Clinical
Michael Dixon Adjunct Clinical
Deanna Douglas Assistant Community
Shelby Evans Adjunct Clinical
Holly Gillstrap Assistant Human Factors
Kathy Girrens Adjunct Clinical
Julie Gilpin-Mcminn Adjunct Human Factors
Carol Hammon-Paulson Adjunct Clinical
Jenni Harshbarger Adjunct Clinical
Robin Heinrichs Adjunct Clinical
Carla Lehr Adjunct Clinical
Christy Marvin Adjunct Clinical
Beth McGilley Adjunct Clinical
Brock L. McKay Adjunct Clinical
Desirae A. Moreno Adjunct Clinical
Clarence Don Morgan Adjunct Clinical
Kathy Pearce Adjunct Clinical
Mary Rachel Pearson Adjunct Clinical
Diane Peltier Adjunct Community
Wayne Piersel Adjunct Clinical
Jessica Provines Adjunct Clinical
Andrea Reed Adjunct Clinical
Mark Russell Adjunct Human Factors
Lynn Schrepferman Adjunct Clinical
Ryan Schroeder Adjunct Clinical
Udo Schultheis Assistant Human Factors
V. Ann Sweney Associate Community
James Vincent Adjunct Clinical
Jill Weippert Adjunct Clinical
Scott Wituk Assistant Community


Emeritus Faculty

Name Area Service
D. Dorr Clinical 1993-2017
G. Greenberg Human Factors 1968-2006
C.G. Halcomb Human Factors 1990-2007
E.R. Shore Community 1981-2007
M.L. Turner Human Factors 1987-2007