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About the Play Therapy Center

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Play Therapy is a well-established therapy modality that allows children who often have a limited ability to express themselves verbally to be able to speak with adults about their problems and concerns. Developmentally children use play and action as their primary methods of communication, making play therapy a more natural therapy medium for children, especially children under the age of about 9 years. Play therapy has been used by mental health professionals for nearly 100 years to assist children. It has been found effective and documented by research to use with children who have serious emotional and behavioral issues as well as use with normally developing children who need to express their feelings and thoughts about everyday issues.

The Play Therapy Center training facility at Wichita State is composed of two rooms: A 14-by-16 carpeted play therapy room containing an array of standard play therapy toys, art materials, a doll house, and other materials; and an observation room, that allow professionals to observe the child and therapist’s interactions through a two-way mirror. It can also be used to observe and facilitate healthy parent and child interactions to promote better family relationships and attachments. The observation room is equipped with a video camera, sound and recording equipment and also houses the play therapy library. The training facility features a “bug in the ear” technological capability so students or parents can receive play therapy feedback and direction from colleagues and instructors while they are engaged in a play session with a child.

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