The Play Therapy Center only enhances a program with a history of success. As one of the first programs of its kind, our graduates are already out in the world making a difference in the lives of children. Here are a few of their comments about the Wichita State University program:

Kelly Singer "As a former Kindergarten teacher, I often observed children at play and took notice of behaviors that concerned or seemed important to me but at the time, but I had little insight as to how to address any potential need. The Play Therapy courses offered by Wichita State University have given me important skills that I will use as a counselor to not only respond to these observations during play but to also provide interventions to facilitate children’s growth through play."

Kelly Singer,
Elementary School Counselor,
Benton (Kan.) Grade School

Shirley Smith  “I attended all of the Play Therapy classes offered in the Counseling and School Psychology Department at Wichita State University. When I attended the classes I was working as a full time clinician and it helped that the classes were held on the weekend which made them easy for me to attend without taking time out of my full time work schedule. The small class size allowed for an enriched group learning experience, especially during case presentations. The assignments coincided with the clinical work I was already doing and this helped me to develop new skills in the context of a learning environment where I was able to get feedback and assistance from the instructors. The required reading for each of the classes was practical and I still use my textbooks for reference.”

Shirley J. Smith, MS, LCMFT, RPT,
Clinical Supervisor,
Kansas Children’s Service League

JPEG Image   “Wichita State University offers priceless training for the treatment of children through their play therapy classes. My instructor has over 30 years of invaluable experience working with children in a clinical setting. This instructor was not only able to convey the theoretical concepts of a clinical intervention, but more importantly the instructor repeatedly presented examples of real applications of the interventions and discussed the results of the interventions.

"As a student I was required to apply the play therapy concepts by producing a video, which was shown in class and critiqued. The expertise of the instructor combined with the instructor’s love to treat children gave me the knowledge and courage I needed to immediately treat children. Every time I completed a play therapy class, I felt like I had a better understanding of child development and an arsenal of interventions to help treat the complex and individual symptoms of children. Wichita State University’s play therapy instructor gave me a love for treating children and the program gave me a successful way to provide treatment immediately after I took a class and over the years.”

Lois Neace, LSCSW
Child and Family Therapist

Delia Lujano “As a school counselor, I tried to see the world through the eyes of our students. I looked to the WSU Play Therapy Program to help me see their world.”

Delia J. Lujano, LPC,
Real Life Counseling Inc.
Past-President KS Association for Play Therapy
Mental Health Consultant for Child Start
Wichita University Advisory Council

Sylvia Schmidt  “I feel so fortunate to have the WSU Play Therapy Certificate program right here in the middle of Kansas. Having been somewhat skeptical about play therapy upon entering the program, the depth of instruction I received from the excellent instructors gave me a thorough understanding of how and why play therapy is so effective. I also acquired knowledge and experience about a variety of techniques to use. The knowledge gained from these classes has significantly changed the way I view children and their behavior as well as how I work with them.

"Also, the class schedule of Friday evenings and Saturday mornings for four weekends for each 3-credit course made it possible to attend while still working full time.”

Sylvia Schmidt,
USD 259 Guidance Counselor