Welcome to the Office of Purchasing

The mission of the Office of Purchasing is to support the university community by acquiring the proper quantity and quality of goods and services at the right time and place.

We are located in the basement of Morrison Hall, which is close to the southeast corner of Shocker Hall.

The office employs six people. Our job is to help the employees of WSU navigate the procurement statutes that govern our purchasing environment. We will assist you in making the correct choices early in your process so you can more efficiently purchase the goods and services needed to support your teaching, research, or operations within your department. Additional information may be found at the following links:


Wichita State University General Purchasing Overview


Business Procurement Card Program

Wichita State University has established a VISA Business Procurement Card (BPC) program for authorized WSU representatives. The purpose of the program is to provide an efficient cost effective method of payment to resolve the financial hardship associated with ongoing expenses required of WSU representatives in fulfilling their overall job requirements and department mission.

To learn more about the types of accounts available, please contact the University VISA BPC Administrator -  robby.murray@wichita.edu 

Other forms and related documents:


Purchasing Forms for Departments


Purchasing Supplier Contract Awards

Follow the purchasing supply contract award links to a listing and PDF's of current WSU supplier contact information.  The products and services represented in the listing must be purchased from the sources indicated.  Purchase of the product or service from sources other than listed may become the personal responsibility of the individual authorizing the purchase. 


Sale of Surplus Property

Wichita State University offers surplus property for sale under K.S.A 2010 Supp. 75-6606, and the Kansas Board of Regents Policy and Procedures, Section 11, Authorized Disposition of Surplus Property.   Click on the heading for links to more detailed information.


Vendor Related Links


State of Kansas, Office of Facilities and Procurement Management


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