Instructions for Wichita State University Bid Solicitation List

To view a Bid Solicitation, click on the Bid Number. You must have Adobe Acrobat Viewer (http://get.adobe.com/reader/ for download) to view the document. It is your responsibility to insure that you have downloaded the most current release of the bid document and any Addendum(s)

It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure bids are received by the closing date and time. Delays in mail delivery or any other means of transmittal, including couriers or agents of the issuing entity shall not excuse late bid submissions. 

If the university closes due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, all pre-bid meetings and bid closings will be deferred.  WSU will update by addendum, and new dates will be posted on this webpage.


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Current Bid Solicitation Documents


Closing Date Bid Number Buyer Description Department Addendum
      RFQ Terms & Conditions Revision May 2014    
      KBOR Procedures for Regent Universities Construction Procurement    
2/24/15 B0001194 KSS

RFQ:  Provide Student-Occupied Housing Project in Cooperation with WSIA on the Innovation Campus of WSU:  Notice to Qualifiers 
RFQ Specifications   Appendix 1   Appendix 2  Appendix 3    Addendum 1   ADDENDUM 2 NOT REQUIRED, NO QUESTIONS/ANSWERS                            THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 

05/11/15 B0001223 SWW Point to Point metro Ethernet Circuits    Addendum1 ITS 1
08/21/15 B0001246 SWW High Volume Copy Equipment for Copy Center
ITS Questionnaire  Morrison Basement Floor Plan
Copy Center Floor Plan   Addendum 1   Addendum 2
Admin & Finance 2
09/23/15 B0001263 LDN AV Hardware Systems with Turnkey Programming and Installation;
Directions to Preproposal Conference Site;  Addendum 1 Q & A;
Addendum 2 Room Drawings
09/30/15 B0001267 LDN Roland MDX-501A Mill, 4 Axis Rotary Unit, Tool Kit, Collets, Safety Cover Aero Eng  
10/14/15 B0001268 LDN Lulzbot Mini 3D Printers and Filaments WATC/NCAT  
11/06/15 B0001273 LDN On-Call Services: Technical Augmentation of Standard wichita .edu Tasks Strtg Comm  
11/12/15 B0001270 KSS Janitorial Services for WSU Old Town   Addendum 1   Addendum 2   Addendum 3 WSU 3
11/20/15 B0001280 LDN ABB IRB 14000 YuMi Vision Configuration Robot Complete with Components WATC/NCAT  
11/24/15 B0001279 KSS Janitorial Services for NIAR Air Capital Flight Line (ACFL)   Addendum 1   Addendum 2   Addendum 3    Addendum 4 NIAR 4
12/03/15 B0001258 KSS Bus Trips for Crew Team Campus Rec  
12/10/15 B0001290 LDN Heavy Duty Metrology Stand WATC/NCAT  
12/14/15 B0001288 LDN Safety and Non-Safety Laser Scanners, and Safety System Components WATC/NCAT  
12/14/15 B0001284 SWW RFP: Consultant to Assess On-Campus Childcare Needs    Addendum 1 Child Dev. Ctr. 1
12/14/15 B0001285 KSS RFP:  Digital Microscope  Addendum 1 NIAR 1
10/23/15 B0001601 MD Robotic Training Cells  WATC  
11/04/15 B0001604 MD Spindle Motor and Drive System with Automatic Tool Change WATC  
11/04/15 B0001605 MD Machining Robotic Cell WATC  
11/30/15 B0001602 MD Multimeter Certification Kit WATC  


Copies of individual bid responses may be obtained under the Kansas Open Records Act by calling 316-978-3080 to request an estimate of the cost to reproduce the documents and remitting that amount with a written request to the above address or a vendor may make an appointment by calling the above number to view the bid file. Upon receipt of the funds, the documents will be mailed. Information in bid files shall not be released until a contract has been executed or all bid responses have been rejected.Bid results will not be given to individuals over the telephone. Results may be obtained after contract finalization by obtaining the bid tabulation from the Office of Purchasing. Bid tabulation results can be obtained by sending (do not include with bid):

  1. A check for $5.00, payable to Wichita State University and
  2. A self -addressed, stamped envelope, or an email address;
  3. Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Bid (RFB) Number

Send to:
Wichita State University
Office of Purchasing
Bid Tabulation Requests
1845 Fairmount St, Campus Box 12
Wichita, KS 67260-0012

Notice of Award: An award is made on execution of the written contract by all parties. Only Wichita State University is authorized to issue news releases relating to a solicitation, evaluation, award and/or performance of the contract. The Office of Purchasing shall issue either a purchase order or a written contract to the successful vendor. Awarded Bids