WSU Rowing Race Results: Spring 2004

Due to the size of regattas, only the top three finishers, the WSU boats and the last place boat are listed for the races Wichita State participated in.


February 21, 2004
Topeka, Kansas
2,000 meter indoor race
on Concept II Rowing Ergometers
under 20 yrs old
under 20 yrs old
Gold ~ 7:01 ~ Aaron McHargue
Silver ~ 7:19 ~ Jason Popp
Bronze ~ 7:30 ~ Chris Summervill
Gold ~ 7:42 ~ Melody Harstine
under 20 yrs old
over 20 yrs old
Silver ~ 6:59 ~ Brian Gronholm Silver ~ 7:44 ~ Sarah McAndrew
1,000 meters
Silver ~ 4:21 ~ Lindsay DeSpain
Our athletes represented themselves, their team and university well. Only part of the team went up for the day and every athlete who went came home with hardware. Many of the athletes recorded their personal bests at the meet. That in itself is a positive outcome. When you add the medals to it, the reward is just multiplied.

Spring Break Scrimmage

March 25, 2004
Natchitoches, Louisiana
Competing Schools:University of Kansas, Northwestern State University,
St. Thomas, Wichita State University
Novice 4+ ~ Race 1 Novice 4+ ~ Race 1
Wichita State - 1st place
vs. University of Kansas
Wichita State - 1st place
vs. University of Kansas
Novice 4+ ~ Race 2 Novice 4+ ~ Race 2
Wichita State - 1st place
vs. Northwestern State University
Wichita State - 2nd place
vs. St. Thomas
Varsity 4+ Varsity 4+ ~ Race 1
Wichita State - 2nd place
vs. University of Kansas
Wichita State - 2nd place
vs. University of Kansas
Varsity 4+ ~ Race 2
Wichita State -1st place
vs. Northwestern State
Varsity 8+
Wichita State - 3rd place
vs. St. Thomas & University of Kansas


Sunflower State Rowing Championships

April 3, 2004
Tutle Creek Reservoir
Manhattan, Kansas
Competing Schools: Kansas State University, University of Kansas,
Wichita State University, Topeka
Novice 8+ Varsity 4+
Wichita State - 1st place Wichita State - 1st place
Novice 4+ Varsity 8+
Wichita State - 1st place Wichita State - 2nd place
Novice 4+
Wichita State - 1st place
Due to unraceable conditions the sunflower Championships were not held. The teams were able to run short 500 meter sprints in order to salvage the day. The Championships were delayed and held in conjunction with the Great Plains Rowing Championships on May 1 & 2, 2004. Shocker Rowing faired well by finishing first in all but one of the events entered.



Upper Midwest Rowing Championships

April 4, 2004
Carter Lake
Omaha, Nebraska
Hosted by Creighton University
Competing Schools:Oklahoma City University, Iowa State, Saint Louis, Creighton University, St. Thomas, University of Nebraska, Missouri,
St. Cloud State, St. John's, Wichita State University



Novice 4+ A Novice 4+ A
1st -06:20.7- Oklahoma City U.
2nd -6:24.9- Wichita State
3rd -6:26.1- Iowa State U.
6th -6:32.1- St. Thomas
1st - no time - St. Thomas
2nd -2.7- Creighton U.
3rd-22.8- U. of Nebraska
4th - 38.6 - Wichita State
Novice 4+ B Varsity 4+ A
1st - 6:59.0 - St. Thomas
2nd - 7:20.7 - Missouri
3rd - 7:35.1 - Wichita State
5th -8:35.0- Creighton U.
1st-7:14.4-Creighton U. A
2nd - 7:30.5 -Creighton U. B
3rd - 7:42.1 - Saint Louis
4th - 7:53.9 - Wichita State
Novice 8+ Varsity 8+
1st - 6:06.5 - Oklahoma City U.
2nd - 6:13.5 -Wichita State
3rd - 6:25.8 - St. Thomas
7th - 6:53.9 - Creighton University
1st - 6:39.4 -Creighton U. A
2nd - 6:57.5 -Creighton U. B
3rd - 7:10.8 -U. of Nebraska
4th - 7:19.6 - Wichita State
1st - 7:01.5 - St. Thomas
2nd - 7:06.6 - Saint Louis
3rd - 7:12.1 - St. Thomas
5th - 7:33.0 -Wichita State
Lightweight 4+
1st - 6:48.7 - Creighton University
2nd - 6:58.1 - Wichita State
Overall it was a good weekend for our program. A definite learning experience for our young squad. Now that we see where we stack up against strong competition we have better perspective on our abilities.


Knecht Cup

April 16-18, 2004
Camden, New Jersey
Freshman/Novice 4+
Event 6
Event 3
-Grand Final-
1st ~ Temple ~ 6:56.8
2nd ~ Army A ~ 7:12.2
3rd ~ Wichita State ~ 7:21.5
5th ~ Washington College ~ 7:36.4
1st - Stony Brook ~ 8:11.6
2nd - Mercyhurst ~ 8:18.7
3rd - Layfayette ~ 8:21.9
4th - Wichita State ~ 8:25.0
6th - Penn State ~ 8:43.6
-Semi 2-
1st - Fairfield A ~8:10.74
2nd - Lafayette ~ 7:33.84
3rd - Wichita State ~ 7:12.74
6th - Skidmore ~ 7:41.14
-Heat 2-
1st - Layfayette ~ 8:09.7
2nd - Wichita State ~ 8:13.2
3rd - Mercyhurst ~ 8:16.8
4th - Maryland ~ 8:42.3
-Heat 5-
1st - F & M ~ 8:26.6
2nd - Lehigh 7:35.9
3rd - Skidmore ~ 7:48.3
5th -Wichita State ~ 7:29.2
Freshman/Novice 8+
Event 25
-Petite Final-
1st - Loyola ~ 6:50.8
2nd - U. of Conneticut~ 6:52.6
3rd - Layfayette ~ 7:01.6
5th - Wichita State ~ 7:12.7
-Semi 1-
1st - GW ~ 6:12.3
2nd - Drexel ~ 6:22.1
3rd - Deleware ~ 6:35.3
6th - Wichita State ~ 7:10.8
-Heat 3-
1st - Delaware ~ 6:41.5
2nd - UMass ~ 6:41.8
3rd - Wichita State ~ 7:14.4
6th - Army A ~ 8:06.5

The men's novice 4+ lead the way and the other boats followed. By finishing third of thirty-one crews the men put together a solid regatta. The men's novice 8+ put together their best race for the Petite finals. Weather conditions caused times to be slower but our guys had a heck of a race. Most of the schools we were racing had guys with high school experience, while none of our guys rowed before last semester and many of them started this semester.

The women's crew was set at the beginning of the week. Unfortunately the bow seat tripped on the dock after a practice and had to get stitches. Our first alternate for the boat was unable to fly out with the team, literally at the last minute. This caused us to have to swap a rower. With only one practice under their belt, which was at the regatta, they performed admirably. It would have been very easy to 'pack it in' and make excuses. However, they kept their focus, and with two novices in the boat performed excellent.


Great Plains Rowing Championships

May 1 & 2, 2004
Topeka, Kansas
Novice 4+: 2k Novice4+ : 2k
1st - Wichita State ~ 5:07.1

2nd -OCU ~ 5:07.7
3rd - Creighton ~ 5:19.4
4th - MU ~5:48.0
1st - Creighton A ~ 5:49.9
2nd - Creighton B ~ 6:04.3
3rd - Creighton O ~ 6:10.2
5th -Wichita State ~ 6:35.9
6th - OCU ~6:39.3
-Heat B-
1- Wichita State ~ 8:11.7

2- Creighton ~ 8:13.2
3- K-State ~ 9:02.2
-Heat A-
1- Creighton B ~ 9:19.9
2- Creighton O ~ 9:27.7
3-Wichita State ~ 9:46
5 -MU ~ 11:34
NoviceLightweight 4+ : 2k Open4+ : 2k
1st - WichitaState~4:38.2
2nd - Creighton ~ 4:44.7
1st - Creighton A ~ 4:32.4
2nd - Creighton C ~ 4:44.1
3rd - Wichita State ~ 4:47.8
6th - KSRA ~5:22.5
Open 4+ : 400m
1st - Creighton ~ 1:19.1
2nd - OCU ~ 1:19.7
3rd - Wichita State ~ 1:24.9
4th - St. Cloud~ 2:18.2
-Heat B-
1-University of Kansas-9:18.2
2- Wichita State ~ 9:22.7
3- Creighton B~ 9:25.9
5-OU ~ 10:51.1

Open 4+ : 2k

Open 8+ Varsity : 2k

1st - Creighton ~ 4:08.8
2nd- University of Kansas ~ 4:12.3
3rd - Kansas State ~ 4:18.2
6th - Wichita State ~ 4:45.95
7th - St. Cloud ~ 4:57.5
1st - Creighton A ~ 5:25.4
2nd - Creighton B ~ 5:42.9
3rd-University of Kansas-5:46.5
4th - Wichita State ~ 5:48.0
5th - St. Cloud~6:29.4

Novice 8+ : 400m

Recreational 1x : 2k

1st - OCU ~ 1:15.3
2nd - Wichita State ~ 1:15.3
3rd - Creighton ~ 1:34.1
Topeka ~ 2:19.5
WSU/Harstine ~ 2:22.5/2nd
Topeka ~ 2:44.6

Novice 8+: 2k

Master 1x : 1k

1st - Wichita State ~ 3:27.8
2nd - OCU ~ 3:31.1
3rd - U. of Kansas ~ 3:44.4
5th - KSRA ~ 3:52.7
Topeka ~ 1:41.2/1st
WSU/Warhurst ~ 4:20/5th

Master 1x : 400m

Topeka ~ 1:50.8/1st
WSU/Warhurst ~ 2:12.8/5th
Warhurst is one of Wichita State's Assistant Crew Coaches.

The 2004 Great Plains Rowing Championships displayed a better all around Shocker Rowing Team. Every athlete came home with at least one medal over the two day regatta; some came home with as many as NINE. Overall our team finished 4th of 17 programs. As usual weather played a role at the regatta. High winds caused the afternoon racingon the 2k course to be shortened to 1ks, which were run into a brutal head wind. Our athletes responded admirably.

Thewomens varsity 4+ showed great improvement by beating a KU team by 1.5 seconds. Also, we almost chased them down in the 8+. The unfortunate race of the day for the women was the finals of the Womens Novice 4+. Coming down to the final 250 meters the race was tight between 3-5 places. Unfortunately, our threeseat caught a boat stopping, gunwale shattering, over the head crab. Once they recovered they were only able to row back through the OCU boat at the finish.

The men had a stellar weekend. The race of the day was the final of the Novice Mens 4+. The guys jumped out to the early lead only to be overtaken by OCU. During the last 250 meters of the race our guys started moving through the OCU crew and literally punched through them on the last stroke of the race. The entire crowd on the shore, no matter which of the seventeen teams they were thereto pull for, was standing and yelling for OCU & WSU. It was a great race for our guys after a tough loss to OCU earlier in the year. OurNovice Mens 8+ also turned the tables on OCU. This one did not leave much in suspense, except for how far ahead of the pack we weregoing to be at the finish. All of the mens shells performed well the entire weekend. We even entered a team of novices in the Open 4+. In the finals 3rd-6th place were all within a length of each other with around 250 meters to go. Unfortunately, as in the WN4+ we had an over the head boat stopper crab. By the time we recovered we were only able to chase down St. Cloud. It is encouraging for our guys when they compete at this level next year as true varsity.

Dad Vail Regatta

May 7 & 8, 2004
The 2004 Dad Vail Regatta was the culmination of a long hard year. The two crews we selected for the regatta had very different seasons but had both finished the year in a position to be ready to fight for their place at the National Championships.
Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Time

Women's Varsity HVWT 4 (2 Advance to 3 Semi-Finals)


Wichita State

2nd Place


1st Place




5th Place

George Mason

4th Place

(2 Advance to Finals)


Franklin Pierce

5th Place


1st Place

North Carolina - Chapel Hill

2nd Place


3rd Place

Wichita State

4th Place

Kansus U.

6th Place

Our women had been up and down all year. We changed line-ups and personnel so many times that almost every race this year there was a different line-up. We just plugged in the best we had to offer that week and lined them up where we thought they could do their best and put them out there to race. The only spot that did not change was our coxswain, Lindsay DeSpain. Throughout the entire year she was the foundation and starting point for the team no matter what other changes we made. Her positive attitude and stubborn determination to be successful definitely promoted the coaching staff to feel the same about the boat. We preached all year that if we kept pushing ahead, did not give up or lose faith, that it would come together. It did come together.

Our heat matched us up with some solid teams. Our race could not have started out better with us jumping the entire field easily off the start. However, as our stroke caught a boat stopping over the heat crab, which quickly dropped us to the back of the pack. With only the top two advancing, it would have been easy for our women to pack it in and paddle to the finish. However, they chose to follow the message we preached all year of never giving up and to fight until the last stroke to make something happen. That is exactly what they did. They chased down one crew, then another, and in the last two strokes of the race just edged U. of Tulsa by one tenth of a second. A chase boat official came up to them at the finish and told them it was the best come back he had seen in four years at the Dad Vails.

As with all of the semis the competition is stiff for all lanes. With such a young crew we were just outmatched by Dowling and North Carolina. We had a great race and finished over twenty seconds ahead of Kansas. We were one second from third and rowed about as fast as we think we could, this year.

Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Time

Men's F/N 4 (2 Advance to 3 Semi-Finals)



4th Place

Wichita State

2nd Place

Seattle Pacific

1st Place

Penn State

3rd Place

(2 Advance to Finals)



3rd Place

St. Thomas

5th Place

Tenessee UTC

6th Place


2nd Place


1st Place

Wichita State

4th Place


Our heat saw us matched up with a strong Seattle Pacific team. Our guys rowed a solid race and stayed close to SP the entire time to finish second. This advanced us to the Semis. Our semi stacked us up against the Gold medal Knecht Cup team from Temple. This was a strong semi from top to bottom and our guys were out in lane six by the island. Everyone is fast and there is no room for error or an average performance. Unfortunately, our guys had an average row. They never got in the groove and let the pack slip away from them over the course of the race. Fourth is a solid finish but not the ending we had hoped for. Our guys learned a valuable but tough lesson that day. That no matter what you have done previously, you have to prove it in the here and now.