Volunteer Assistant Coaches


Bethany Hesse

Year in School (Grad / Undergrad): Senior Undergrad

Major/Minors: Major in CJ Minor in Sociology

Occupation: Younglife staff in Butler County

Favorite rowing accomplishment: Making the All- American 1st team as a fourth year

Why are you helping/volunteering with the team: Because I love the sport and I love working with the kids and seeing them succeed and start to get it.



Elisa Acosta

Year in School (Grad / Undergrad): N/A

Major/Minors: Graduated in 2015 with a B.S. Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Mathematics

Occupation: Composites Engineer for Materials & Processes Engineering at Spirit Aerosystems

Favorite rowing accomplishment: I made 3rd Team All-American and the Plains All-Regional Team my 2nd year on the team.

Why are you helping/volunteering with the team: I joined rowing very late in my college career, so I only got to row collegiately for 2 years, but followed the team around the year before I joined. I learned to love the sport, the mechanics of helping out on race day,  and how to work for something bigger than myself. I wanted to continue
helping so that I could help others feel the love for the sport that I got to experience in just three short years. I volunteer so that the ladies and gentlemen that join can know that you don't need previous experience in the sport or even athletics to do well in it (just patience and LOTS of practice & hardwork).


Lisa Burns

Year in School (Grad / Undergrad): I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

Major/Minors:  International Business, with minors in Accounting & Spanish

Occupation: Credit Manager for an HVAC Wholesaler

Favorite rowing accomplishment: Getting my photo chosen as one of row2k.com's photos of the day! (August 26, 2013). Also, the year at the Upper Midwest Rowing Championships that we won the women's points trophy after Drake had it for years; coxing victories for the women's varsity 4+, 8+, and the lightweight women's 4+ that had only been assigned a lineup for that day of the regatta and never raced again.

Why are you helping/ volunteering with the team: Rowing is such a unique sport, especially in land-locked Kansas. It's fun to stay involved because of the people that this sport draws in. It's also such a photogenic sport, and I like to try and capture those moments so that when the hard work on the water is over the rowers can see those moments and enjoy them all over again.

Logan Vincent

Year in school (Grad/Undergrad): Graduate

Major/Minors: Graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology

Occupation: Graduate Student/ Intern at Catholic Care Center

Favorite Rowing Accomplishment: Beating Creighton University in the Angela Johnson with her family cheering us on. It was a passionate row that shaped how the WV8+ raced for the next two years. Though it was not a large regatta it was significant because it changed our attitudes from viewing ourselves as underdogs, to serious competitors.

Why am I helping/volunteering with the team: I love the sport, I want to be a part of helping the team succeed.

Marlo Griffith  

Stephanie Kendrick



Patrick Harms

Year in School (Grad/Undergrad): Senior Undergrad (I guess)

Major/Minors: Music Performance, Accounting

Occupation: Financial Analyst

Favorite Rowing Accomplishment: Rowing in the Grand Finals at the San Diego Crew Classic.

Why am I helping /volunteering with the team: To give back and make sure that the current athletes have the opportunity for the same experiences I had.