Support Shocker Rowing

Some items the team needs:

Endowed FundsThanks to the vision and contributions of Shocker Rowing supporters there are now three endowed funds which have been established.  These funds will help ensure the success of both current and future generations of Shocker rowers.  The John Frazier Scholarship Fund, foundation account #610135, is in place to help provide financial support to a selected Shocker Rower on an annual basis.  The Angela Johnson Scholarship Fund, Foundation #611239, is in place to help provide financial support to a selected female and male Shocker Rower on an annual basis.  The Mark Dold Equipment Fund, Foundation #611123, is in place to purchase support equipment for the Shocker Rowing program.  All three of these funds are valuable opportunities for anyone wishing to contribute to Shocker Rowing.  As endowed funds these will grow over time with the ongoing support of contributors and are a permanent means of support for the Shocker rowing program.  Any $ Amount.

Racing Shell:  The team is in need of upgrading and expanding the small boat fleet. Small boats are critical in developing techniques. Pocock makes quality small boats. The two person shells are able to be rigged for either sweep or sculling crews. $12,500

Rowing Machines: Ergometers, rowing , machines, are a critical part of our indoor training program. These machines are heavely used year round and need to be cycled on a recular basis. $900

Shell Electronics: Technology has become an integral part of both racing and training for the sport.  Electronic equipment in racing shells is now the standard.  One of these valuable tools is the SpeedCoach Gold by Nielsen Kellerman.  It allows us to not only measure time and rate but also distance and speed. $269

Sweep Oars:  Each year the team needs to purchase a new set of oars.  As our squad size has grown to around seven 8+’s it takes a lot of oars to boat all of these athletes at the same time.  Even with the purchase of a set a year that means that oars that are eight years old are in daily service.  Oars are purchased in sets of ten.  $4,400