Cadman Art Gallery Main Exhibits

Fall 2016


Johnny Vu

Monday, August 15-Friday, August 26

Final Friday Reception: August 26, 7:30 p.m.

Eunoia is the shortest word in the English language that uses all five vowels. Derived from Greek, Eunoia translates as, “beautiful thinking”, and is the rarely used medical term to describe the mental state of a well mind. The artist’s work revolves around the idea of a romantic relationship, specifically the honeymoon phase, with portraits that create and emulate an enchanting aura that captivates the viewer into coming closer.

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The Keepers of Light

Thien Doan, Haydee Mendez, Mariah Drussel, Mikayla Bastin & Sadie Suenran

Monday, August 29-Friday, September 9

By combining historical analog photography processes with the current digital technology, we are creating a collection of contemporary works to provoke a sense of nostalgia. Although primarily forgotten, these processes are some of the earliest means of creating a photograph. Using processes including cyanotypes, tintypes, chlorophyll prints and others, we bring light to lost photographic techniques and capture the beauty of the process.

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Melinda Sudbrink

Monday, September 12-Friday, September 23

Unhinged can be defined as mentally unsettled, disordered, or distraught. These feelings can often occur after a traumatic event and can greatly influence everyday life in a variety of ways.
This series is based off the emotional and physical struggle of trying to regain a sense normalcy after suffering a brain injury. The work offers a personal look into the thoughts and processes of the artist trying to regain a sense of equilibrium.

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Belgium & The Netherlands

Various Artists

Monday, September 26-Friday, October 7

Final Friday Reception: September 30, 5:30 p.m.

In March, photo media students traveled to Belgium and the Netherlands with distinguished professor of photo media Larry Schwarm. From the charming streets of Bruges to the picturesque Dutch countryside dotted with iconic windmills, students captured it all through their lens.

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The Soul of the Circars

Jai Kishan Chadalawada

Monday, October 10-Friday, October 21

This photo collection is an endeavor to capture the mundane, but beautiful lives of the fisherman that live by the Bay of Bengal in the erstwhile Northern Circars. None of the people in these photos are looking to be noticed or appreciated; they are just out to fish. The artist had a rare opportunity to record these moments during visits to his childhood homeland, Bhimavaram, India, which is a mere thirty kilometers from where these photographs were taken. Albeit foreign, the ethos of the Circars can be felt and understood by anyone; these photos convey a common feeling of solitary beauty.
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Super Views

KaCey Green

Monday, October 24- Friday, November 4

Super Views is a series of space, fantasy illustrations that focuses on the  aesthetics of drawing and linework, while having an compelling subject matter. The pieces in this exhibit showcase bright and bold colors, as well as intricate details to take the viewer on a visual journey.

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24th Annual Elements Multi-media Art Competition Exhibit

Various Artists

Monday, November 7-Friday, November 18

Reception & Awards Ceremony: Thursday, November 10, 5:30 p.m.

Wichita State student artists displaying various mediums will be featured in this annual juried exhibit.

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Immigration to the New World Since 1492

Sam Miller Gott

Monday, November 21-Friday, December 2

Immigration to the New World Since 1492 is an ongoing collection of images and audio interviews from people currently living in the United States. By assembling this imformation, the question starts to emerge, " What is American?"



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Tornado Alley Press

Tornado Alley Press Printmaking Guild

Monday, December 5- Wednesday, January 21

Tornado Alley Press Printmaking guild is exhibiting current and past works that explore a variety of printmaking techniques and disaplys  how WSU printmaking students are pushing the boundaries of this traditional medium to create contemporary works.

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For questions on current or upcoming exhibits, please contact Alexis Rivierre, Cadman Art Gallery Graduate Assistant.