Cadman Art Gallery Main Exhibits

Spring 2015

Ocean of Passionate Petals

Verlene Mahomes

Monday, January 19-Friday, January 30

This body of artwork reflects my love for God and nature. Born in Haskell, Oklahoma and raised on a farm, I still remember, fields of flowers blowing in the wind that looked like waves of water on an ocean. I then thought, who could have made something so beautiful as this, but God? These memories, of my life, still remain and are reflected in my artwork.

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The American Dream

Alexandria Olthoff

Monday, February 2 - Friday, February 13

The war on the border is something I had a hard time wrapping my head around, I was very lucky to be able to experience it firsthand so that I could comprehend it better.  Migrants are suffering every day trying to make better lives for their families, they are being robbed and tortured by the drug cartel and the mafia. Migrants travel long journeys sometimes across more than one border, they are starving and without necessities and putting themselves in great danger. I worked in a Migrant resource center and it was a blessing to help them and I hope that with my art work I can portray my experiences and bring more awareness to the issue, and if not then I will still be glad for the experience of displaying my work.

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Lorenza Orrin Breckenridge, III

Monday, February 16 -Friday, February 27

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Scott Steder

Monday, March 2 -Friday, March 13

Through the application and contemplation of material study I create works that showcase unique qualities inherent to the ceramic process. These current works imply ideas of time, movement, pathways, and interaction, where the unpredictability of the outcomes in my arrangements lend themselves to feelings of playfulness and uncertainty. Composing situations that will transform through deformation and permanent change I allow the pieces to evolve and take on a new life through the progression of time.

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33rd Annual Exposure Photography Exhibit

Wichita State student photographers from all backgrounds and abilities will be featured in this annual juried exhibit. Photographs from four categories are featured, including black and white digital, color digital, digital manipulation, and film.

Exposure Awards Ceremony and Reception

April 2nd
6 P.M.
RSC 142

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WSU Sculpture Guild

Monday, April 6 -Friday, April 17

Utilizing the limitations of a 10"x10"x10" space to inspire small scale sculptures, the WSU Sculpture Guild will discuss ideas of scale and proximity relationships.


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Spencer Sinclair

Monday, April 20 -Friday, May 1

No one is ever able to be told how creativity works. Finding one’s inner voice sometimes takes years and multitudes of work to discover. Relatable is about different emotions that people experience and hoping to find some common ground with each other through my creative outlet.

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Familial Iconoclasm in Art Perspective: The Culture Clash of the Institutional Inertia of Art in Our Family

Jarrod and Monika Maddox

Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 15

A body of work both individual and collective, a work of iconoclasm and of mutual respect, a contentious collaboration of beauty and form.
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