Cadman Art Gallery Main Exhibits

Spring 2017

The Rebirth of the Cool

Erick Nkana

January 16-27

Reception: January 26, 6-7 p.m.

The Rebirth of the Cool is an exploration into color theory and gestural painting techniques using music, specifically Jazz, as inspiration. Jazz as an art form is bold, rhythmic, and free-flowing in its ability to masterfully use improvisation. Cool is boldness and confidence. Cool is about moving to your own beat. The Rebirth of the Cool is a visual soundtrack of life.

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Erin Corcoran

January 30-February 10

Recpetion: January 30, 5:30 p.m.

The gallery will be furnished with various living room and dining room furniture to look like living quarters. The cat figurines will be displayed on the furniture, so it looks like they are using it. On the walls will be portraits of cats wearing clothing.

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Since I met you

Genna Pennington

February 13-24

Reception: February 16, 5 p.m.

“Since I Met You” is an exhibition of paintings and drawings which give insight into the daily life and relationship of the artist.  Some of these works are derived from photos taken by the artist in simple moments of her life while others are imaginative interpretations on how she personally perceives her significant other, which are often playful and telling of the subject’s personality traits.  The medium and style of the works span from notebook sketches, to colored illustrations, to vibrantly rendered paintings.  “Since I Met You” challenges traditional gender norms of the art world—namely “The Male Gaze” on a female model—and flips it to focus on a male model being represented by a female artist.  This collection of works emphasizes how being in love with someone can allow them to occupy your thoughts and life so fully, in this case becoming the artist’s muse.

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Tasha Wentling

February 27-March 10

Reception: March 3, 6-7 p.m.

Nightmares by Tasha Wentling explores our darkest dreams as photographic images, ranging from the “typical” nightmares experienced universally to the deeply personal. This exhibition invites viewers to share in these experiences by drawing connections between the nightmares of others depicted in these works and their own, as well as continuing the discussion of what haunts them in their sleep and why.

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Women's Work

MFA Graduate Women

March 13-24

Opening Reception: March 14, 6:30-8 p.m.

Women's Work investigate the ways in which the collective "women's voice" is represented in the arts from various viewpoints. Particularly the artists represented each challenge the normative perspective of what womanhood is through exploring their own experiences, creating their own narratives, and engaging in contemprary critiques of their practices.

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35th Annual Exposure Photography Competition

Various Artists

March 27-April 7

This juried exhibition is made up of photos and videos from WSU students. There are multiple categories in which students can present their work.

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Tacit Creatures

Sarah Wolfe

April 10-21

Many people struggle with feeling alone, finding hope and making friends. The artist then created drawing, and later mixed media paintings of tall, slender, invisible creatures known as Guards. Through various mixed media processes, the artist began creating sculptures of the Guards.

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De Terra

Chloe Nichols

April 24-May 5

This colletions brings both painting and our relationship with the world around us back to the most fundamental and purest state. By using only hand ground Kansas clay as raw pigment and placing he color fields in spaces we would not typically interact with the environment, we are forced to consider the minute, intimate wonders of our wolrd as we negate in our conventional lives.

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