Important information about your Shocker Card

  • The Shocker Card is property of Wichita State University. It must be carried at all times and presented to University officials upon request.

  • The Shocker Card is non-transferable. Unauthorized use warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action.

  • Your Shocker Card doesn't expire. Cards are not reissued each semester or year. Keep your Shocker Card even if you leave the University. It will be valid if you return to WSU in the future.

  • ALL student privileges are based on your university account or enrollment status. Just having a Shocker Card does NOT entitle you to university privileges.

  • Your first Shocker Card is issued to you FREE. There is a $10 replacement fee for any lost, thrown away or mutilated card. Faculty and Staff are not exempt from this charge.

  • Once a Shocker Card has been replaced, an old card cannot be reactivated if found. However, any print/copy funds on the old card can be transferred to your new card by bringing BOTH cards to the Shocker Card Center.

  • All Shocker Card holders are entitled to carry ONE CARD only. Faculty and staff who are also taking classes will not receive a second “student” Shocker Card.

  • DO NOT punch holes, add stickers, cut, scratch or otherwise deface or mutilate your Shocker Card. Such damage may render your card invalid and may also cause damage to equipment. You will be charged for a replacement card.

  • Print/copy funds use a stored-value system. These funds do not expire. Although the maximum limit is $50, we do not recommend loading any more money than you need to print/copy at any given time. These funds cannot be tracked and are not secured.  Therefore, they can be used by anyone else if your card is lost or stolen.

  • Print/copy funds are refundable by request at the Shocker Card Center only. Any amounts over $10 are issued in the form of a check which will be mailed to you. Lesser amounts will be refunded in cash.

  • In cases where there may be an equipment malfunction, please notify the Shocker Card Center within 24 hours so that the specific equipment can be checked.

  • As a general rule, always check your card balance BEFORE you print/copy. Your current balance will always be displayed after your card has been inserted into a reader. That way you will know exactly how much money was on your card in case a malfunction occurs.

  • Shocker Dollars and print/copy funds are two separate accounts.  Print/copy funds cannot be used as Shocker Dollars or meal plan money.  Shocker Dollars cannot be used to print/copy.