Print/Copy Funds

Your Shocker Card can store money on the back of the card using a Card Service Center (CSC).  On campus you can use this feature to make photocopies or get computer print jobs at a pay for print station, all without needing change.

Although the Shocker Card print/copy feature can carry a maximum balance of $50, we do not recommend loading any more money than you need to print/copy at any given time.  These funds cannot be tracked and are not secured.  They can't be replaced and can be used by anyone else if your card is lost or stolen.

To add print/copy funds to your Shocker Card, locate the nearest CSC and follow these instructions:

1.  Insert the card into the card slot picture up, picture first.

2.  Insert a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill into the cash slot and the money will be added to the card.

3.  When done press the "End" button.

There are currently seven locations to add print/copy funds to the Shocker Card.  Look for a CSC in:

  • Ablah Library (1st Floor)
  • Ahlberg Hall (ISL)
  • Brennan Hall (Kitchen/Laundry Room)
  • Fairmount North Tower (Lobby)
  • Fairmount South Tower (Lobby)
  • Rhatigan Student Center (1st Floor)
  • Wheatshocker Apartments (Lobby)