Event Prerequisite
  • None
  • Warning! Milk products may be used during this event. Those with alergies need to be aware.


States of Matter

Everyone thinks they understand the basic states of matter; solids, liquids, and gasses. What you may not know is that there are states of matter in between those listed previously. Have you ever wondered how air behaves at different temperatures? What exactly is a solid? What does it mean to boil? What is sublimation?

This is an opportunity for parents and children to attend a SEEDS event. During this live demonstration on the different states of matter and how to get in between them. We will explore these topics and more.

During this live science demonstration we will explore the many intriguing aspects of liquid nitrogen, solid Carbon Dioxide, and more. This will give both parents and children something to talk about and provide a way for the entire family to experience a SEEDS event.

Due to the potentially hazarodous nature of these items. This event will have limited interaction by the students. Most of the event will be conducted by SEEDS staff. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend this event with their child. Parents may bring the entire family to this event. However, no children outside of the grade range 5th - 8th will be allowed to attend this event without their parent or guardian.