A Day With SEEDS

The Wichita State University SEEDS program will be rounding out their Fall semester with an amazing day on December 08, 2012. We are inviting a group of kids to come and spend the day with us on campus at Wichita State University and exmplore not just one, but three amazing activities. We will be providing lunch for the group as well. This is a day that you do not want your 5th - 8th grade student to miss out on.

Activity 1: Marshmallow Load Challenge

Wichita State University structural engineers need to design, test, and build model structures to quickly complete the Rhatigan Student Center renewal. The engineers are running out of creative ideas on how to model their structures and are running out of time. Wichita State University’s executives are pressuring the structural engineers to be more creative with their model and design. The engineers are asking the SEEDS future engineers to help them in this pinch. You guys will have to design a structure with a limited supply, limited budget, and tight time line.


Activity 2: Mechanical Energy Storage

A simple snap-back mousetrap is an ingenious machine. With just a few parts (a wooden base, a spring, a metal bar, and a trigger mechanism) it can do its job quickly and efficiently. It is up to the SEEDS future engineers to find more ways to utilize that stored energy and put it to a different use. Help us develop a new catapult or car and see how much energy is available in these tiny mechanical device.


Activity 3: Hovercraft

Wichita State University has been contracted to transport metal from the mine to the refinery. The problem is that time is of the essence and the plant is currently using trucks which must divert around a river and lake. They want a single craft that can traverse both land and water. They want a hovercraft. Come test your minds and see how well you can design this craft to meet these requirements.
This will require good management of time, materials, and finances as well. Participants will be placed in teams and they will be designing hovercraft to accomplish set goals as well as competing against other teams for the winning design in two events. Participants will learn some concepts of managing time and money as well as some troubleshooting and critical thinking skills: only the concepts will be explained and little to nothing will be given to them. The team that does the best overall will receive a prize. This activity will stretch the creativity and imagination of the participants while making them use physical laws which will help participants develop a basic understanding of basic physics that shape how our world works in general.

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