Things that Fly

This event is a two part event:

Part 1:

WuShock is to compete in the world aeronautical flight challenges. To prepare WuShock has teamed up with the College of Engineering and SEEDS Future Engineers and asked them to design and build him special airplanes for the different challenges that will be at the championships. The students will be in a time crunch to design build and test different airplane designs using their knowledge of Bernoulli’s principle, flight controls, and pilot communications.

Part 2:

Thanks to the cooperation of the SEEDS future engineers the Wichita State University space exploration program is in full swing. The Wichita State University President's Office has issued a challenge to the College of Engineering.  WSU President John Bardo has challenged the WSU engineers to get WU to the Moon within 30 days.
The aerospace program at Wichita State University needs help from the SEEDS future engineers to come up with a prototype rocket design. The SEEDS future engineers will be making prototype air powered rockets for WU to travel as high as possible. Like all engineering challenges there will be strict budget and time requirements for the completion of this task. The SEEDS future engineers will work in teams of two to come up with the most efficient rocket design possible. WU will not be able to travel into space without your help. Sign up to attend this session today!