Event Prerequisite
  • Interest in electricity and discovering new things

Snap Circuits

 This SEEDs Electronic Snap Circuit session will provide the participant with a better understanding of how modern electronics work. Participants will be learning the fundamentals of electronic circuitry and will build at the SEEDs event, a number of modern day electronics.

They will enjoy the opportunity of being able to build an AM Radio with just a few electronic devices (batteries, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and a speaker) and then change the frequency of the radio with just a variable capacitor. Participants will be in groups of two, and will first understand the difference between parallel and series circuits. The participants will then be given easy, systematic instructions on how to set up the circuits. A few of the circuits we will be setting up are an AM Radio, a Morse Code Generator, a Water Alarm Sensor, a Small Wind Powered Generator and an Electronic Kazoo.

If your child enjoys watching Iron Man then they will love working with the Electronic Super-Snap Circuits!