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Water Rockets

 Wichita State University Aerospace Engineers have been given an important assignment. They need to design and build a space rocket to help track and identify an unknown object traveling towards the Earth. They have requested the help of the SEEDS future engineers to help them design and build the rocket prototypes. The scientists have provided specifications for how the rockets should be built so it can last long enough to track the object in space, but the detail work is up to the future engineers to devise using their creativity. Due to the urgency of this problem, the rocket must be designed and built as soon as possible while staying within the budget given. To properly construct this rocket the SEEDS future engineers will be taught basic aerodynamics, physics, and project budgeting. This project needs the help of engineers dedicated to preserving the safety of Earth! Creativity is encouraged during the design phase however time management, project budgeting, and teamwork are important aspects.

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