Classroom Visit Request

9th-12th Grades

Teachers: We share your goal of helping students make connections between the materal taught in your classroom and the applications to real life, college and future careers.
For this reason, WSU's College of Engineering offers the opportunity to have some of our best engineering students visit your classroom.
Depending on your preference, we can explain to students what engineers do, what it's like to attend WSU and/or  how to overcome the challenges of being a first generation college student.
In addition, we can also assist teachers in classroom activties and lessons or present our own activities. The choice is yours. Submit this form today to set up a visit!


Teacher Name: 
School Name: 
Student Grade(s): 
Number of Students Participating: 
Does classroom have wi-fi enabled computers or laptops available for student use?  Yes No 


Preferred Activity (Mark all that apply):
Explain Engineering
Talk About Wichita State University
Talk About Being a First Generation College Student
Assist Teacher in a Classroom Activity
Present Activity: "Defeating a Zombie Hoard Through Math Modeling"
Present Activity: "Understanding Physics Through Roller Coasters

We are limited to which days and what times our engineering students are available to make presentations. Please tell us what days of the week and time slots you could accommodate our visit. Please note, we cannot accommodate requests to present to multiple classrooms on a single day. 


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