About the Science Engineering Educational Development for Students (SEEDS) program

SEEDS is a program for K-12 students offered through the College of Engineering at Wichita State University. The objective of SEEDS is to promote science, technology, engineering, and math skills so that young people will be familiar with the career options that exist in engineering.

Our marquee program is Switched on Saturdays, where  4th through 8th grade students can experience how much fun problem-solving can be. Each week a different activity is offered. You can read about them by looking under Event Descriptions (left) on this page.

Most sessions are held on the Wichita State University campus. In order to serve children who may find it difficult to get here, we will occasionally host events in neighborhood centers around Wichita and we frequently participate in middle school after-school programs

We also offer programming for kindergarten through 10th grade through our school visits. Teachers will may choose from a menu of options in the 45-60 minute range that are aligned to grade-specific, Kansas science curriculum standards.

We believe children will be inspired by the personal stories of the WSU students, who come from diverse backgrounds and include first generation college students.  

All SEEDS activities are free to the participants. We invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity to introduce children to the excitement of solving problems through our fun hands-on engineering activities, hosted by our friendly and inspiring WSU engineering students.