Meet the SEEDS Staff


SEEDS Assistant Coordinator: Shannon Mills

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My name is Shannon and I am a junior studying Bioengineering. I am from Mulvane and graduated from Derby High School. I was introduced to Bioengineering as a freshman in high school when I attended an engineering camp at Wichita State. I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers, This will be my fourthyear working for SEEDS; I've also been a an Engineering Summer Camp mentor for threeyears. I enjoy listening to music, relaxing, and my dog Buddy. I love working with kids and seeing them learn new things. I look forward to another great year. Go Shox! 


SEEDS Instructor: Amber Fischer

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My name is Amber and I’m a junior studying Aerospace Engineering.  I am a first-generation college student from Arkansas and graduated from Highland High School before moving to Wichita to study in the Air Capital of the World. I always knew that I wanted to study aerospace and no place seemed more fitting than Wichita State University.  I am the vice president of the Society of Women Engineers, where I have had the opportunity to work many outreach events. When I am not studying or working, I enjoy practicing Judo, reading, and spending time outdoors.  I was an Engineering Summer Camp mentor this past summer and enjoyed working with the students as they discovered a wide range of science and engineering topics.  I hope to inspire students to pursue their dreams and to teach them that with hard work and dedication those dreams are obtainable. 


SEEDS Instructor: Emilio Rocha

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My Name is Emilio and I am from Lancaster, California but moved to Wichita, Kansas when I was 7. I graduated from Bishop Carroll Catholic High School and I am currently a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. My interest in engineering came from being very fascinated at a young age with the mechanics and design of many objects, especially cars. Apart from engineering, some of the things I enjoy include soccer, biking, fitness and nutrition, and being with friends and family. I also enjoy being involved on campus including things like being a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, working as a WSU Engineering Summer Camp mentor, and working for SEEDS. I enjoy working with kids because of their curiosity and because I also learn in the process of teaching and working with them so we both learn. I look forward to impacting many kids’ lives and inspiring them to continue further into their education as I am.

SEEDS Instructor: Sanjuana Martinez

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My name is Sanjuana and I am a senior majoring in Bioengineering here at Wichita State University. I am an Ambassador for the College of Engineering, a member of various organizations on campus, and have worked as a mentor at the Engineering Summer Camps. Some of the things I enjoy doing is traveling, trying new food, and meeting new people. This photo of me was taken when I visited the Coliseum in Rome. I have been an active participant in many outreach programs, as well as a volunteer teacher teaching English and mathematics in Mexico during the summer. I look forward to working with kids, sharing my passion for engineering, and being a positive influence.

SEEDS instructor: Joseph Kariuki

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My name is Joseph Kariuki. I am from Kenya (East Africa). I am a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Raised in Africa, we would climb trees to watch birds and lookout for airplanes; they stirred a fire in me that still burns till today. I am passionate about flying and robotics. In my free time you will find me with a camera taking pictures of Mother Nature, dancing, listening to music, skateboarding and reading. I am very excited to join this amazing team to empower children to become great people and to show them they can become whoever they want. I love working with kids, as I try to inspire them, I find them inspiring me with their enthusiasm and creativity. I look forward to this year being a life changing and exciting experience full of learning.