What is Engineering?

Engineers play an important role in the design of all things that we enjoy today. Everything produced has an engineer's input into the product or process. There are many different types of engineers and many different fields of engineering, but the bottom line is that engineers are problem solvers. Engineers use math, science and technology to create solutions and design new products.

Let's take a look at a few. . .

Aerospace Engineer: An aerospace engineer designs things that fly, such as airplanes and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers also study the air movement over and around objects and use this knowledge to make faster automobiles and more effective fans.

Bioengineer: A bioengineer designs products that address problems involving living things. The field can include working with plants to produce renewable fuels or inventions geared toward helping human beings, though the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, for patient rehabilitation, and for improving overall health. 

Computer Engineer: A computer engineer designs the software and hardware that you use in your computers. This includes laptops, iPods, GPS systems, and video games.

Electrical Engineer: Electrical engineers are involved in the design of anything that operates with electricity. Everything that is either plugged in or operates with batteries an electrical engineer was involved. This ranges from power grids that span the country to a child's remote control toy.

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer: An industrial engineer works with people, money, materials, and energy to create products in the least amount of time and at the least amount of cost. An industrial engineer designs a process used to build or produce something so it is done as efficiently as possible. A great example of Industrial Engineering is the building of an airplane. Airplanes have tens of thousands of parts that are made in many different places. An industrial engineer's job is to bring all these parts together and design the assembly process in a way that makes sense, controlling the costs while making the best product.

Mechanical Engineer: A mechanical engineers work in the design of motion, energy and force to ensure that the products operate safely, efficiently, and reliably. Mechanical engineers design everything from robots to artificial body parts to shoes.