University Committee Open Positions

We are currently accepting applications for the open positions listed below. Applications are available under the links below or in the SGA office in RSC room 261. All positions listed below are volunteer involvement opportunities. When you submit your application to the SGA office please sign up for an interview with the Director of Public Relations. You must have at least a 2.0 grade point average and be a current WSU student to be considered. For more information please visit the SGA Office in RSC room 261 or contact the Director of Public Relations at 316-978-7067 or sga.pubrelations@wichita.edu.

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Faculty Senate Committees

Open Positions

Academic Affairs
Reviews and develops policies governing academic programs, academic affairs and proposals for curricular change or development. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets as needed.


Court of Academic Appeals
Makes the final decision on cases appealed to it regarding students' requests for a change of grade, or other matters regarding academic requirements which a student can challenge. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets once a semester.


Review policies and related procedures regarding admission to the University and exceptions to existing University rules and considers applications for admission of students who do not meet University standards for admissions, and exceptions to existing rules for students requesting them. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets as needed.


General Education
Creates and oversees the general education program and general education requirements. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets twice a month on the first and third or second and fourth week usually on a Friday. Actual day and time depends on committee members schedules.


Honors Committee
Reviews and recommends changes as needed to the Honors Program. Consults with the director regarding students who want to undertake independent study leading to a degree with departmental honors. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets as needed.


Library Committee
Advises and makes recommendations to the Dean of University Libraries concerning all aspects of long range development of library services and facilities in support of Wichita State University. Meets after 3 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month in the Ablah Library Deans Room.


Scholarship and Student Aid
Reviews the actions of the Financial Aids Office and the Admissions Office. Meets at least annually based on members' schedules.


Undergraduate Research
Administers and reviews the Undergraduate Research Forum. Meets several times during the year to prepare and execute the Undergraduate Research forum in Spring. Schedule based on committee members' schedules.


University Curriculum
Serves as the curriculum committee for programs and other units not covered by one of the degree-granting colleges. Meets at least annually based on members' schedules.
Standing University Committees


WSU Information Network Communication Committee
Coordinates communication efforts related to Banner project. Meets monthly based on members' schedules.


Board of Student Publications
Oversees the Sunflower and other student publications. Meets the first Monday of each month based on members' schedules.


RSC Board of Directors
Oversees the operation of the Rhatigan Student Center. Meets every other month based on members' schedules.


ICAA Board of Directors
Oversees the operations of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Meets three times each semester based on members' schedules.


Library Appeals Committee
Determines appeals to library fines contested by students and staff. Meets as needed and scheduling is based on members' schedules.


Title IX
Addresses concerns over discrimination in athletics. Meets whenever the President of the University calls the committee to meet.


University Traffic Court
The purpose of the University Traffic Appeals Committee is to hear and rule on appeals filed by Wichita State University personnel and students arising from traffic policies of Wichita State University. Meets every three weeks on Wednesday afternoons as needed. (2 Year Term)


Traffic Policy Committee
Sets traffic policies for the University. Meets once a year in late spring based on members' schedules.


University Safety Committee
Monitors institutional compliance with Hazard Communication Program requirements and all campus safety issues outside WSU Police related security. Meets as needed based on members' schedules.


Association Committees  

Childcare Scholarship Program
Provides childcare scholarships to parents for the Child Development Center. Meets annually based on members' schedules.


Educational Opportunity Fund
Oversees the allocation of student fees for academic related scholarships, fellowships, grants and programs.


Heskett Center Board of Directors
Oversees operation of the Heskett Center. Meets twice a semester based on members' schedules.


International Student Scholarship
Provide assistance to international students who are continuing their education. Meets each spring semester. Meets each spring semester based on members' schedules.


James J. Rhatigan Leadership Scholarship
Awards the James J. Rhatigan Scholarship in March each year. Meetings based on members' schedules.


Study Abroad Scholarship
Provides assistance to U.S. citizens and permanent U.S. residents wishing to study abroad. Meets each spring based on members' schedules.


Child Development Center Advisory Board
Reviews building policies and program and consults in the approval of the Child Development Center budget. Meets at least annually based on members schedules.