University Committee Open Positions

We are currently accepting applications for the open positions listed below. Applications are available under the links below or in the SGA office in RSC Room 219. All positions listed below are volunteer involvement opportunities. When you submit your application to the SGA office, please sign up for an interview with the Chief of Staff. You must have at least a 2.0 grade point average and be a current WSU student to be considered. For more information please visit the SGA Office in RSC Room 219 or contact the Chief of Staff at 316-978-3423 or sga.chiefofstaff@wichita.edu.

Committee Application (Word Document)
Open positions are highlighted in the table below.

University Committees


Academic Affairs Committee
Reviews and develops policies governing academic programs, academic affairs and proposals for curricular change or development. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets as needed.

Student: Amanda Johnson

Board of Student Publications 
Oversees the Sunflower and other student publications. Meets the first Monday of each month based on members' schedules.
Student: Joseph Shepard

Court of Academic Appeals
Makes the final decision on cases appealed to it regarding students' requests for a change of grade, or other matters regarding academic requirements which a student can challenge. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets once a semester.

Student: Hannah Fernandes
Graduate Student: Debbie Ojeda

General Education
Creates and oversees the general education program and general education requirements. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets twice a month on the first and third or second and fourth week usually on a Friday. Actual day and time depends on committee members schedules.

Student: Tracia Banuelos

ICAA Board of Directors
Oversees the operations of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Meets three times each semester based on members' schedules.

Students: Taylor Thomas

Library Appeals Committee

Student: Fayez Alruwaili
Alternate: NONE

Library Committee
Advises and makes recommendations to the Dean of University Libraries concerning all aspects of long range development of library services and facilities in support of Wichita State University. Meets after 3 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month in the Ablah Library Deans Room.

Student: Carleigh Camacho
Alternate: NONE

Graduate Student: Taben Azad
Alternate: NONE

RSC Board of Directors
Oversees the operation of the Rhatigan Student Center. Meets every other month based on members' schedules.
Students: Ricky Oshakuade, Ian Englebright, Holly Nguyen, Ryan Siebuhr

Scholarship and Student Aid
Reviews the actions of the Financial Aids Office and the Admissions Office. Meets at least annually based on members' schedules.

Student: Zubair Khan

Student Fees Committee

Students: TBD

Tenure and Promotions Committee

Student: Paige Hungate

Traffic Policy Committee
Sets traffic policies for the University. Meets once a year in late spring based on members' schedules.

Student: N/A

Undergraduate Research
Administers and reviews the Undergraduate Research Forum. Meets several times during the year to prepare and execute the Undergraduate Research forum in the spring. Schedule based on committee members' schedules.
Student: Sandra Carlo
University Admissions and Exceptions Advisory Committee
Review policies and related procedures regarding admission to the University and exceptions to existing University rules and considers applications for admission of students who do not meet University standards for admissions, and exceptions to existing rules for students requesting them. Meetings based on members' schedules. Meets as needed.
Student: Jason McCarty
University Traffic Court (2-year term)
The purpose of the University Traffic Appeals Committee is to hear and rule on appeals filed by Wichita State University personnel and students arising from traffic policies of Wichita State University. Meets every three weeks on Wednesday afternoons as needed. 

Student Advocate: Zane May

Student: Dalton Glasscock

Graduate Student: Taben Azad