Interfaith Space Open Forum

The Campus Issues Committee moderated a dialogue about converting Grace Memorial Chapel to an Interfaith Prayer Space, open to everyone. 

We can only be humans together, make Grace our space

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Community Outreach

Clothes Line Project

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Campus Issues Committee hosted the Clothesline Project, designed to raise awareness on domestic and political violence, on October 22nd. Students wrote messages or testimonies on different color shirts. Each color shirt represented different type of domestic violence. It was held and displayed in the RSC North Patio.

SGA contributions to the WSU campus sculpture collection

SGA has been dedicated to bringing world class sculptures to our campus in Wichita, Kansas for over thirty years. SGA has partnered with the Ulrich Art Museum in the acquisition of the following campus sculptures. SGA has also contributed to campus sculpture cleaning and maintenance efforts. For more information about the award winning WSU campus scuplture collection visit the Ulrich Art Museum outdoor sculpture website.


  • Accord Final Mouton Variation
  • Teddy Boy and Girl II
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Dr. Martin Luther King
  • Figure(Archaen)
  • LOVE, 1980
  • Grandfather's Horse, 1973
  • Power Tennis En Garde and Forehand, 1977
  • Night Tree, 1971
  • Two Lines Oblique Down, Variation III, 1970
  • La Priere, 1909
  • Grand Torso de L'Homee Qui Tombe, c. 1903
  • Skylark(Icarus), 1950-1951
  • Profile Canto IV-A,1973
  • Falling Man: Wrapman, 1984