Organization Funding

Organization funding is closed for 2017-2018.

As the governing body of all recognized university organizations, SGA is responsible for reviewing funding applications submitted by organizations for their various activities conducted throughout the year. Organizations may request SGA funding for a variety of purposes ranging from hosting speakers on campus to traveling to national conferences.

Please keep in mind that SGA receives a high volume of funding requests. Once an organization funding request has been submitted to SGA and reviewed by the SGA Treasurer, the applicant must meet with the Budget and Finance Committee to discuss the merits of the request. These meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Applications are either approved and recommended to Senate for final approval or denial, or denied by a consensus of the committee members. The organization funding process is outlined in the S027, the Association’s Funding Act. Below is a link for reference.

The earliest that organizations will be notified that their funding request has been approved or denied will be during the second full senate meeting after Student Involvement's Nuts and Bolts Conference (September 22, 2017).

Association Funding Regulations (Reference Section 2)

General Information:

**Request must be submitted 45 days prior to the event**

Funding allocation limits are determined by the organization’s status. A Registered Student Organization (RSO)  that has been active for at least two years and meets the policies required by SGA and the Student Involvement Office is eligible for $2,000 in SGA allocations per fiscal year. A Provisional Organization is defined as an organization in its first year of activity or one that is renewing its existence after a period of inactivity. Provisional Organizations are eligible for $700 in SGA allocations per fiscal year.

Organization Funding Process:

The process for requesting organization funding is through the OrgSync funding module. Requesting organization funding is only accessible to the portal ADMINISTRATOR(S). It is the responsibility of organizations to designate which members are authorized to request SGA funding. SGA understands that this new method may cause confusion, but we believe that it will simplify the process for funding applicants and SGA reviewers. The different funding categories and corresponding funding limits are viewable from the funding module and are also outlined in S027. Below is a link that will explain how to navigate the OrgSync funding module.

OrgSync Funding Module Guide  (Step-by-step guide to requesting funding using the Orgsync funding module)

If traveling, the organization must submit a University Sanctioned Travel Form that includes all members traveling with the organization. Please submit the completed form along with the other supporting documents on the OrgSync funding request. The OSTR is for the purpose of maintaining the travelers' emergency contact information while representing the university (the form says it must be submitted to the Vice President of Campus Life and University Relations but SGA will perform that task).

University Sanctioned Travel Form


Funding is in the form of reimbursement to the organization for clearly stated expenses approved by SGA. In order to receive SGA funding, organizations must have a service fund account with the Financial Operations Office on campus. If an organization is uncertain of whether they have a service fund account, please contact the SGA Treasurer.

A check request form can be submitted by an organization to withdraw money from its service fund account. When submitting receipts for approved expenditures, the organization can also submit a check request for the individual that made the expenses. That would allow for the reimbursed funds to go to the designated member. This can be done for multiple members at a time. Individuals receiving reimbursement must complete a W-9. In addition to the W-9, the DA-130 for direct deposit must also be submitted.

Service Fund Account Check Request (organization reimbursement)

W-9 (individual reimbursement)

The DA130 Form can be found in your myWSU student portal under the My Finances tab. For faculty and staff it's located in your myWSU portal under the Faculty & Staff tab.

The SGA Treasurer may be contacted with questions about the funding process at sgatreasurer@wichita.edu and 316-978-7062.