Hearing Services

Whether you are a new or returning client, we are pleased you chose us to serve your needs.

Questions about Hearing Services in the Clinic?
» Phone: Call 316-978-3289 to discuss your needs.
» Online: Submit a Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic Request Information Form
» Client form: Pediatric Audiology case history

Questions about fees or payments?
» Contact the Billing Coordinator at 316-978-3512 or slhclinic@wichita.edu
» We now accept Medicare! Hearing evaluation is the only hearing service that is covered. Medicare does not cover the cost of Hearing Aids.

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Client getting hearing checked

The following hearing services are currently offered at our clinic:

Hearing Aid Repairs

We repair and service most makes and models of hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased.

An open Walk-In Clinic is available for this service on Thursdays from 1:30-4 p.m.
No Appointment Necessary!  (Please call ahead in case it is cancelled).

Purchase and Repair pricing varies based on technology and age of the hearing aid.

Additional Resources