Hearing Aid Purchase - Policies & Procedures

Thank you for considering Wichita State University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic for your Hearing Aid Purchase.

Hearing Test
The first step in acquiring hearing aids is the Hearing Test, or Audiological Evaluation. The Audiological Evaluation is a diagnostic procedure to determine the type and configuration of the hearing loss, the course of rehabilitation and/or the need for evaluation by an ear, nose & throat specialist.

Hearing Aid Evaluation
The Hearing Aid Evaluation* is a special appointment used to select the best hearing aid(s) for your particular loss. A variety of styles and technology of hearing aids are available. This time is set aside to discuss your individual communication needs, to educate you about your options, to perform further prescriptive testing, and to make ear impressions (if required) for a custom fit.

*The Hearing Aid Evaluation may occur at the time of the Audiological Evaluation, if you desire.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Orientation
The Hearing Aid Fitting is the time set aside to get you ready to begin your 45-day trial period. It includes:

  • Fitting of the Hearing Aid(s).

  • Checking the Aid(s) for proper prescription.

  • Counseling and Instructions:
    a) Care, cleaning and use of the aid(s)
    b) Suggestions on how to adjust to the aid(s)
    c) Realistic expectations of amplification

Payment of the Hearing Aid(s)
Half of the cost of the Hearing Aid(s) is required at the time the order is placed. (Hearing Aids are generally not covered by Insurance.) We do not currently accept Medicaid or other Social Service plans.

The cost of Hearing Aids varies greatly, ranging from $700 - $3,000 per Hearing Aid, depending on style and technology. Each Hearing Aid comes with at least a one-year warranty, which includes a one-time loss & damage guarantee, and in-office service visits for one year at no charge. Visa & MasterCard Accepted.

Trial Period
You have a 45-day Trial Period in which to decide whether or not you wish to keep the Hearing Aid(s). At the end of this time, if you do not wish to keep the Hearing Aid(s), you may return it (them) in good condition, and receive a refund of your money except $100 per aid, which is a Trial Period Charge. This charge is necessary to cover the individualized service afforded you during this time by our licensed Audiologist, as well as miscellaneous charges including batteries & shipping/handling charges for your Aids.

Note: If Hearing Aids are ordered for both ears and only one Aid is purchased, there will not be a Trial Period Charge.

Hearing Aid Repairs & Services

We repair and service most makes and models of hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased.  An open Walk-In Clinic is available on Thursdays from 1:30-4 p.m. 

No Appointment Necessary!  (Call ahead in case it is cancelled).  Repair pricing varies based on technology and age of the hearing aid.

Call 316-978-3289 for more information.