Below if a list of the BSW Advisers.  On your program acceptance letter, you are told who your adviser is.  If it has changed since then, you would have received an email.

BSW Advisers
Adviser Phone Email Office
Deah Davis 978-7269 deah.davis@wichita.edu LH 537
BreAnn Collins 978-6833 breann.collins@wichita.edu LH 541
Shaunna Millar 978-5853 shaunna.millar@wichita.edu LH 536
Debbie Willise 978-5852 debbie.willsie@wichita.edu LH 534
Dr. Eveline Kalomo 978-7333 eveline.kalomo@wichita.edu LH 502
Sherry Chapman 978-7213 sheryl.chapman@wichita.edu LH 540
Dr. Kyoung Lee 978-3206 kyoung.lee@wichita.edu LH 530
Dr. Natalie Grant 978-7258 natalie.grant@wichita.edu LH 532

If you need assistance with who your BSW Adviser is, you can email socialwork@wichita.edu.