Student Conduct and Community Standards

Welcome to Wichita State University! As you journey through your collegiate experience, you will make many decisions. You will decide where to live, what degree to pursue, and what person you want to be your friend. You will also make decisions about your behavior. Every choice you make will have consequences, some are positive and some are negative. Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are a learning opportunity. As a college student, you are expected to take responsibility for your choices and decisions. We are here to help you through this learning process so you can be successful.

Our staff wants to see students succeed. In order to assist in this, we have identified the following community standards that apply to all students and student organizations:

  • RESPONSIBILITY: Accept responsibility for personal behavior and appropriately challenge the behavior of others
  • INCLUSION: Respect individual differences
  • INTEGRITY: Behave in a manner that is honest and upholds the standards of Wichita State University
  • CITIZENSHIP: Be an engaged member of the Wichita State University community 

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