National Student Exchange 

National Student Exchange
Would you like to enroll in classes at another university for a semester or two? If this sounds appealing to you, you may be a candidate to participate in the National Student Exchange program. Along with more than 170 other colleges and universities, WSU participates in a program that allows students to study a semester or a year at another participating university. Students can live in a different area and experience an entirely new campus environment while continuing to pay WSU tuition and working towards a WSU degree.
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Apply for Exchange
Students usually exchange during their sophomore or junior years. Seniors are generally not eligible due to WSU policy requiring a certain number of last hours to be completed here. Special exceptions can be made, but that is entirely up to your individual college. If you are a junior, talk to your academic advisor ASAP to find out how to approach this problem.

Program Eligibility
In order to go on exchange, you must meet these requirements. 

Student Checklist
To help you keep track of everything you need to know and do throughout the exchange process, we've prepared a checklist. This is a very important document and you will want to keep it handy throughout your exchange.

Choosing a University
When looking through your National Student Exchange Directory to decide on your choices for exchange, there are some very important things you need to keep in mind. It is important for you to ask yourself why you want to exchange and what goals you hope to accomplish by doing so. The universities each have information about themselves in the directory. This will make your selection easier.

Tuition Procedure
The great thing about National Student Exchange is that you can attend any of the participating schools for the same tuition you pay to attend WSU! All financial aid and most scholarships apply. If you have questions about a particular scholarship, ask the awarding department or talk with the National Student Exchange coordinator.

Budget Worksheet
Plan out the cost for exchange using this helpful tool.
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Preparing for Exchange
Before you ever go on exchange, you will fill out an advising agreement with your Academic adviser. Your advising agreement is the contract that sets forth the manner in which all classes taken on exchange will transfer back to your WSU program of study.

Study Abroad
Have you ever wanted to study in another country? With the Study Abroad program, you can do just that. Our Study Abroad programs give you the chance to study anywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe (and virtually everywhere in between) for up to one year while earning credit toward your WSU degree.

Student Testimonials
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