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Tuition Procedure

The great thing about National Student Exchange is you can attend any of the participating schools for the same tuition you pay to attend WSU!

All financial aid and most scholarships apply. If you have been awarded a scholarship from the College of Fine Arts, your application needs to be brought to the attention of the department chair before you apply for NSE, so they can determine whether or not your scholarship will be honored if you choose to exchange. This is especially critical when compliance is required to restrictive guidelines set forth by the WSU Foundation and the School of Music. If you have questions about a particular scholarship, ask the awarding department or talk with the Office of Financial Aid.

You will enroll at WSU and pay tuition and fees here as normal. You will register in an NSE dummy course for the number of hours you plan to take on exchange. It is up to your host school how you will enroll there once you are placed. Some may have you enroll over the phone or Internet; others may have you wait until you are actually on the campus.The instructions on how to enroll in the WSU “dummy course” will be provided to you prior to your exchange (in May for fall exchanges and December for spring exchanges).

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